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Campsite list/ review website?

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TiggyD Thu 29-May-14 21:43:55

I know about Cool Camping, but are there any others people could recommend?

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Thu 29-May-14 21:45:19

uk campsite? I don't find it the easiest website but there are a lot on it!

headlesslambrini Thu 29-May-14 21:47:01

Uk campsite as well from me. Reviews seem to be quite fair but read through several to get a good idea.

DillydollyRIP Thu 29-May-14 21:48:04

I always use UK Campsite too. The majority of sites are on there including the small ones.

TiggyD Thu 29-May-14 21:50:08

It is an eye-wateringly ugly site, but will give it a go.

twill Sat 31-May-14 12:34:52

If you're going to go camping in France then try

ViviPru Sun 01-Jun-14 15:31:33

I don't know if I'm allowed to do this so will report my own post to MNHQ just in case, but I recently wrote an article on exactly this subject, reviewing some of the most popular online campsite directories. Might be useful?

How to choose a campsite

TiggyD Sun 01-Jun-14 15:47:10

I think you can add links to your own site if it's actually helpful and relevant.

Thank you.

ViviPru Sun 01-Jun-14 16:11:41

Ha well I'll let you be the judge of that one!

hz Sun 01-Jun-14 18:44:45

Ha, ha! ViviPru now I know who you are!! Good article, as you know I completely agree with your methods. Though obviously, if you are looking for a campfire campsite in the South you need to be checking out Yellowfields too. grin

ViviPru Sun 01-Jun-14 18:47:39

Yeah I better watch what I say now!

jaketweeneyistooadvancedfor2 Sun 01-Jun-14 21:31:16

Little hijack here but huge thanks to HZ - thanks to you I now have a lovely shiny aft Bongo sat outside which I can't stop looking at. Your site and a bit of pushing from me swayed dh from the eyewateringly expensive T5. We even imported based on your tale!

OBface Mon 02-Jun-14 21:12:33

ViviPru I love your site smile

ViviPru Mon 02-Jun-14 21:48:57

Oh thank you OB blush It's been a bit neglected lately due to back to back holidays (woe is me) and recent BFP with PFB-to-be being somewhat of a distraction!!

pictish Mon 02-Jun-14 21:54:04

God vivi you are a woman after my own heart!
Love that page!

ViviPru Mon 02-Jun-14 21:56:53

blush blush blush

Gosh thank you. I'm inspired to give it the site a bit of TLC now!

pictish Mon 02-Jun-14 22:04:01

Do. I am almost jealous that I didn't write that first...I agree with you so wholeheartedly about camp fires, and frequent the camping websites too.

We've got a great site picked for our week long camping trip in July. With camp fires allowed...natch.

pictish Mon 02-Jun-14 22:05:38

Oh and OP - UK campsite is my fave. The forums are good banter for a camping enthusiast.

OBface Mon 02-Jun-14 22:18:44

Lovely news Vivi - congratulations!

ViviPru Mon 02-Jun-14 22:18:53

Ooh sounds lovely Pictish care to share? My next review is to be of Brook View on the Leics/Northants border. EXCELLENT site...

ViviPru Mon 02-Jun-14 22:22:21

Thanks OB! We went camping over the bank holiday and there was a 7 and a 10 week old in the tents next to ours. DH and I were like confused . Our co-camping pals (who have no idea of BFP yet) had a few words to say about the wailing at night...

pictish Mon 02-Jun-14 22:25:08


Beautiful mountain scenery with a loch to gaze over, camp fires allowed, statics are not visible from campsite, no on site 'entertainment', pitch where you like, and stay six nights and get the seventh free.
Oh...and wifi. We have a young teen, as well as 6 and 5 yr olds.

OBface Mon 02-Jun-14 22:31:09

I live very near the Leics/Northants border... Will have to check Brook View out!

hz Mon 02-Jun-14 22:40:22

jaketweeneyistooadvancedfor2 Aww, that's lovely. I always very happy to hear about Bongo love and so glad to have helped you get there. Hope it brings you lots of great holidays!
Vivipru your lovely site makes me embarrassed about my lack of tasteful design on my site. When I've finished my PGCE I'm gonna give it an overhaul!

ViviPru Mon 02-Jun-14 23:12:22

OB we chose it as it's so close by to us, too, and weren't expecting to be so impressed. Only minor gripe was some niggles with the showers but they were essentially new, clean and functioning so not the end of the world.

hz Don't be embarrassed, I much prefer a nice clean site like yellowfields to a busy, over-designed one. I'm a professional graphic designer/semi pro photographer and have a good friend who is a professional developer lending a hand so got a bit of an unfair advantage when it comes to putting a site together! It will be satisfying to give your site a tweak when you get chance though!

Pictish that sounds heaven!

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