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New caravan - looking for tips and a shopping list!

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Relivingmyouth Thu 29-May-14 21:33:36

Eeeeek we are so excited and pick it up Saturday!

I mentioned it a few weeks ago to DH and he has slowly come round to the idea. We now own a caravan from 1990!!!

It's got the gas canisters and the water things but nothing else. So please help, what do we need?

busyboysmum Thu 29-May-14 21:42:02

We love our caravan. Have had one for about 9 years now and have been on so many amazing holidays in it. You'll need pans, plates etc. When you're properly set up all you'll need is a bag of food and a bag of clothes and you're done. If you need any caravan site recommendations just let me know. Enjoy.

Relivingmyouth Thu 29-May-14 22:09:10

Ooh yes please- we are In Devon!! I bought a small bin and dustpan and brush this evening! I'm sooo excited!

Now to hire a rug doctor!

youbethemummylion Thu 29-May-14 22:16:32

Does it have the cylinder shaped water containers you can turn on their side and roll or the old fashioned rectangle ones you have to carry? If its ones you have to carry replace with rolly ones. Also bits of wood for under the legs so you dont sink in the mud. Oh and those damp catcher things with crystal type stuff in you get from the pound shop.

youbethemummylion Thu 29-May-14 22:23:04

Oh and carbon monoxide detector and more wood/bricks/special things you can buy in camping shop to put behind wheels if you end up parking up on a hill

Relivingmyouth Fri 30-May-14 08:02:10

Thanks for all these practical ideas! Love them. Were off to look for fabric to recover the rude looking covers this morning!

Off to find a carbon monoxide thingamajig!

It's comes with the rolly water things grinwink

IDontDoIroning Fri 30-May-14 08:20:38

Aqua roll water pump adaptor to get water into caravan from aqua roll and a waste master for your waste water. Electric hook up lead if it doesn't have one.
Blue and link toilet fluids. Also special toilet roll as the normal stuff doesn't dissolve well.
Light porch awning as there's no hanging space inside for damp coats etc, unless you are going the whole hog and getting an full awning.
Some old light saucepans that you can use for a variety of things.
Small oven trays as the oven if you have one will be smaller that your one at home. However don't be seduced by the caravan shop as ther is stuff you can get from Wilkes etc which will be cheaper also look to see if you've got stuff that can be used.
Small washing up bowl, and a bucket or a trig for putting your dishes in.
Folding crates great for putting food bottles heavy stuff in when travelling and then can be used for shoes toys etc in the awning.
IKEA bags are great for putting your clothes in and then can be stuffed away when you've unpacked and can also be used to take to laundry etc.
We bought a set of cheap kitchen cutting boards to put under the feet as they are washable rather than wood.
Knee pads
We bought fleecy throws to cover up the cushions and then they double up as blankets.
We use sleeping bags not duvets as they take up less space when not in use.
Light folding airer to put towels on in the awning
Large bin with lid - keep outside.
Consider a cadac gas cooker/grill more versatile than a barbecue.
When you use it have a nose around the site see what other people have and use you'll pick up some great tips and don't be afraid to ask people as normally cravanners are helpful and love to talk about kit, sites etc.

IDontDoIroning Fri 30-May-14 08:21:00

Pink not link

IDontDoIroning Fri 30-May-14 08:25:35

Spirit level
Very important as there's nothing worse than sleeping at an angle.
Rechargeable drill with a long adaptor to get the legs up and down - much quicker than hand cranking although you will need to do the fine adjustments in levelling by hand.
If it's an old caravan you might want to get a new battery for it.
Wheel look and hitch lock for security and to comply with your insurance.

Relivingmyouth Fri 30-May-14 19:18:05

Wow thank you!
Love these tips!!

What about a camping and caravan membership- worth it?

In just over 14 hours our new little home will be here!!! gringringrin

IDontDoIroning Fri 30-May-14 20:02:30

Thanks I told you caravanners love to share grin
Caravan club - if you join you get the site directory and the mag it's definitely worth considering. Join a few forums uk campsite is ok and there are others too if you google.

Have a look on your local gum tree or free ads to see if anyone has a pile of back issues of practical caravan magazine cheap or to give away.

IDontDoIroning Fri 30-May-14 20:05:00

Maybe a towing course if you or dp haven't towed before - I think caravan club run them. Definitely practise reversing.

We had a mover fitted - a real luxury but cheaper than burning out a clutch.

millimat Sun 01-Jun-14 07:52:57

Caravan club is also worth it if you plan to go abroad as ferries are always cheaper through them.
I had a big list but think they've all been mentioned!

VivaLeBeaver Sun 01-Jun-14 16:08:17

A hitch lock or wheel lock to secure it.
Caravan insurance.

Good breakdown cover. I'm with the rac via their special caravan and camping club rescue package. So if I break down n the way to a holiday they will take me there, then take me home at the end of the week. Caravan club do a similar one through green flag.

A nose weight gauge

A portable 12v tyre blower upper thing so you can do your own caravan tyres. I do them before every trip as I'm worried about a blow out.

Spare bulbs for the caravan lights/indicators. I did a light check yesterday and bulb had gone in the right indicator and no spare bulb. So was an interesting trip home.

Relivingmyouth Sun 01-Jun-14 19:05:45

Ah yes! Insurance....

The beast is here! But got free on the way and ploughed past DH and his dad into someone's front garden as it unhitched, the brake mechanism thing has sheared off!

So our undamaged van has a Hole in!

Still DH and his mate can fix it so back to my stuff to clean it up!

What is best to clean it with?

millimat Sun 01-Jun-14 22:00:09

Oh no that's awful! Cleaning in or out?

millimat Sun 01-Jun-14 22:02:41

For the outside, DH swears by

Relivingmyouth Sun 01-Jun-14 22:13:12

Both!! wink

Relivingmyouth Sun 01-Jun-14 22:13:24

Thank you

VivaLeBeaver Sun 01-Jun-14 23:12:43

Oh blimey. Did it not have a break away cable on or did that come off as well?

Relivingmyouth Mon 02-Jun-14 06:02:56

The break away cable came off as well!confused Think DH and his dad were very shaken up and was very li
Iucky no one was hurt. We are getting it all serviced now to make sure it's all ok.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 02-Jun-14 08:39:11

Was it a private sale?

If it was from a dealer I'd be going nuts at them for selling you something so unsafe.

Relivingmyouth Mon 02-Jun-14 18:25:54

No it was private so we can't do anything. It's frightening though.

millimat Tue 03-Jun-14 07:40:39

what's the damage like?

Relivingmyouth Tue 03-Jun-14 14:58:56

It's cracked on the front and corner - but I am not sure about the towing workings, DH is looking at a service for it. All a royal pita really!

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