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Caravan for £500 - is it doable?

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Relivingmyouth Wed 21-May-14 18:46:16

What do we need to look out for?

Mum has a sewing machine so I can redo covers and curtains etc?

We have an10 month old and 3 year old!

Relivingmyouth Thu 22-May-14 20:05:08

Anyone? What layouts are best?

busyboysmum Thu 29-May-14 21:51:25

Our first van was about that off eBay. It was an Abi Marauder about 1990. Most important thing to check is that the van isn't damp. Everything else is fixable but damp is a disaster.

Mum4Fergus Mon 02-Jun-14 22:27:34

I bought an Abi Maurader off Ebay for £500 too! About 5 years ago now lol kept it for 2 years and sold it again for £500!

Cereal0ffender Tue 03-Jun-14 19:14:55

Marauder caravans always make me lol when I see them on the road

Mum4Fergus Tue 03-Jun-14 19:59:31

Me too's like the Vikings are coming lol smile

Relivingmyouth Sat 14-Jun-14 20:21:26

We got one! Not for 500 and alot bigger but lovely! gringrin

looselegs Sat 14-Jun-14 23:15:38

Just check for damp-it's a sod!Take a damp meter when you view-check around windows,rooflights etc.Usually,if a 'van is damp,you can smell it.

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