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Outwell posada camping bed

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Pimpf Wed 07-May-14 18:37:30

My aerobed died at the weekend and when working was v v v v comfy, but it's out of guarantee and I'm not paying£130 for another!

In the past we've had a self inflating bed but didn't get on with it and it was massive, so we're now looking at camping beds.

We have an amazing double sleeping bag and don't want to give that up, have seen this outwell double camping bed, does anyone have one? A&e they any good?

13Stitches Wed 07-May-14 18:49:31

Just popping in to see what responses you get...

What sleeping bag have you got (out of interest?)

13Stitches Wed 07-May-14 18:52:27

I wonder if that would be super comfy with our leaky alpkit wide airic on top?

Pimpf Wed 07-May-14 20:05:57

It's a vango aurora double. It's very big, not for lightweight camping!

Nobloomingideapgornot Thu 08-May-14 12:13:10

Hi we have just brought the outwell and love it, although we have added to outwell 3cm sims for extra comfort as we need to sleep on it for two weeks in august!!

Pimpf Thu 08-May-14 20:08:09

It was supposed to arrive today, am gutted it didn't sad

Am not a very patient person!!

13Stitches Fri 09-May-14 18:45:01

Has it arrived? Looking forward to your review

Pimpf Fri 09-May-14 19:09:10

It's arrived!!!!

It's big, it's heavy and at first wasn't quite sure how the hell to put it up by myself, I wouldn't let dh help me, (would be very easy for 2 people) as I often go on first and put the tent up before he comes down with the kids after school. But I managed it after a few mins of working out what I need to do, will be easy now I know. There's also a video on YouTube.

So I can't give it a full review yet as not slept on it obviously, but had a little lie down and very comfy. You are separated from the other person due to the middle pole but I was still able to hug dh!

Lots of space to store things underneath. Felt very sturdy, dh is a rather big man and he felt safe and comfy.

Think I'll also need to get some foam mats to help keep warm but am looking forward to camping in a couple of weeks and will be able to give a full report then.

13Stitches Fri 09-May-14 21:24:20

So I can't encourage you to sleep on it in the living room tonight in the name of research?!

Pimpf Fri 09-May-14 22:27:55

grin fraid not this weekend, maybe next! Can you wait a week or are you as impatient as me?!

13Stitches Sat 10-May-14 08:23:34

Pretty impatient! Here's a significant chance I'll have ordered one myself by then!

Pimpf Mon 02-Jun-14 20:46:44

Well we used it this weekend. Dh loved it, I found it a little hard and cold, not as comfy as the aerobed, however once I've got a mat, I've been assured that will solve that.

What was brilliant was that I had tons of space under the bed for storage.

Just need to find a mat now!

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