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Tow bar thingy for extra storage

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MummyPigsFatTummy Tue 22-Apr-14 10:01:25

We have a trailer but since we got a new car we have not got round to having a tow bar fitted. Up to now we have managed with just a roof box. However, our new tent is huge so we are struggling for storage space.

We are happy to get a tow bar fitted but reluctant to use our trailer as it will obviously restrict the speed we can go. Does anyone have one of those box/luggage rack things which can sit on the tow bar and carry extra stuff? And if so, have you found them any good or are they too restrictive in terms of volume/weight you can carry to be of any real benefit?

Any thoughts would be helpful smile

shirazplease Wed 23-Apr-14 09:25:25

not relevant to your post, but you just reminded me to ask you. How's the new tent? Did you miss the chandelier?!

MummyPigsFatTummy Wed 23-Apr-14 11:23:36

The new tent is great - it's like a barn when we added the awning. We used it for the first time at the weekend. Took us ages to put up and take down (partly as we had to try the footprint and groundsheet with towels before packing it up). I think it will be pretty quick next time though.

Given it rained all of Sunday it was great to corral the children and get them doing crafty stuff while we could chat and drink coffee and look out through the windows - we would have been a bit claustrophobic and stir crazy in the bell (but then maybe we would have waterproofed up and gone for a walk...)

I don't know really - it's very practical and spacious but I do miss the look and feel of the bell (and the chandelier and the clamp table for round the pole which I only painted at the end of last year...)

One good thing is the new tent is MASSIVE to pack so we will probably take the bell to Elderflower Fields festival at the end of May, albeit probably without the table and chandelier, but at least I will get a couple of nights in it.

<Wistful sigh>

Thanks for asking Shiraz - have you camped yet or are you waiting for some warmer nights?

shirazplease Wed 23-Apr-14 12:40:33

Sounds good being able to entertain inside.....and to have a bit more space when it's damp.

I've not been out yet, but I'm desperate!! Would have gone last week, but, we've bought a trailer that's packed and ready to go, however, we're waiting on delivery of a new car, that will have a factory fitted towbar. That's due to be delivered on 10 May, so hopefully off shortly afterwards grin

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