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Atlantique Parc La Palmyre

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whitedoor Thu 17-Apr-14 17:05:24

We are going here in June, has anyone been to this site that can advise if the speedos rule is enforced in the pools? Also would it apply to the lagoon area which looks more like a beach?

I wonder if this would apply to toddler boys or just older ones... last year we went to a different site in the vendee and lots of men were wearing normal shorts. My DS has an all in one UV suit type thing, has anyone had any problems using one of these. He's nearly 3 and potty trained if that makes a difference?!

mummytime Thu 17-Apr-14 17:09:16

They weren't enforced when we went there a few years ago. I would think the UV swimsuit would be fine, I think it is more that dirt could get into the turn-ups pockets of swim shorts.

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