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sleep mat excitement

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nearlyreadytopop Sat 12-Apr-14 17:21:11

No one in real life understanda how exciting this is. I am now the proud owner of a vango 10cm double simgrin grin grin .
Upgrading from an ultra lite thermarest. Can't wait until next weekend to try it out.
The question is due to ds (2) and a bump due in August we are car campers. What else do I need for ultimate camping comfort?

hz Sat 12-Apr-14 18:27:13

Hurrah. I'm sure you will be super comfy. :-) One of my favourtite items for comfy camping is a properly comfy camping chair. If you camp often it is worth splashing out on decent chairs. Those Moon chairs are very popular though I havent tried one. We hunted high and low for a chair that doesn't cut in behind your knees, Found one at go outdoors but cant see it now. Everyone tries to steal our chairs when we go camping eith friends so much more comfy than the standard fare!

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