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Ok. Now a dilemma. Tent or folding camper? Help

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Flappingandflying Wed 02-Apr-14 22:03:00

So we have a big tunnel tent. Two teens have own tents. I personally don't camp; have always done mobile homes. Went to a camping shop to look at beds for me and we both got a bit captivated by a folding camper. Thoughts people. Are they worth the money. Obviously we'd be buying second hand, if we do at all. Husband has spent the evening looking on i'internet. I only agreed to camp this year to save money so suddenly we'd be spending more money but then obviously we'd use it again. Hmmmm. Ds 2 is 13 and ds1 is 19 but has SEN so likely go be with us for ever. I don't know if we are being daft. I'm not great at being cold or damp and like my creature comforts. Chaps also seem to assume I can whip up the same food as at home at the drop of a hat. I have been knwn to roast a chicen on holiday before now although think thse das are over! Thoughts on folding campers please. Worth it or stick to canvas?

chicaguapa Thu 03-Apr-14 16:34:30

We have a FC and love it. We find it gives is the perfect mix between caravan and tent. DC share a bedroom pod though and it sounds like your two are too old for that. You can make up a 3rd bed in the same way as you do in a caravan.

I could go on and on so it's probably best I answered specific questions. grin

There are others on here with them too.

Cereal0ffender Thu 03-Apr-14 16:37:01

I think they are the worst of both worlds. You still have to erect the bloody thing and I have never seen one that is easy to erect and you have to tow and store it. Get a caravan if you want to be warm and dry.

chicaguapa Thu 03-Apr-14 20:01:05

Cereal They are much easier to erect than a tent. Are you getting mixed up with a trailer tent?

Best bits from tenting:
Canvas overhead
Hearing camping noises ie birds
Being outside more than if you were at home
Reading by gas lamps (if you don't have EHU)
Cooking over the fire or in 2/3 pans

Best bits from caravanning:
Beds are off the ground and have proper mattresses
Cupboards and wardrobe
Fixed hob/ kitchen and even oven in some models
Running water
Soft comfy seating
Everything stays packed away between trips
Electric plug sockets

Better than a caravan because:
Beds are made up all day (not having to pack them away every morning)
Much more open (the whole side comes off compared to a tiny door on a caravan)
Easier to tow
Cheaper to buy

Maybe other FC owners can add to this but it sums up why we like ours so much.

Cereal0ffender Thu 03-Apr-14 22:52:47

Oh yes I am confusing them a bit.

gardenfeature Fri 04-Apr-14 08:54:16

Folding campers are great. Have a look at this camping website for loads of info:

The only downside is putting up the awning.

millimat Fri 04-Apr-14 21:42:48

I went to camperlands for a nosey and still don't know the difference between folding campers and trailer tents!

chicaguapa Fri 04-Apr-14 22:01:53

Trailer tents store everything in the trailer but it all builds up around the trailer like a tent. The trailer itself is the bed and there is a removable kitchen unit. But the living area is on the ground.

Folding campers are a bigger trailer and it opens upwards. Everything is off the ground and it's like a caravan inside.

madhairday Sat 12-Apr-14 13:53:05

We have a folding camper and absolutely love it.

We had a trailer tent before and that was an endless faff to put up, it took about 3 hourse and caused many arguments grin It was great in terms of space, and having beds off the ground, but really wasn't worth the time.

Our FC takes literally 10 minutes to put the main part up - it's just unfold the beds, extend some poles, sort the cupboards and it's done - then the awning takes 30mins-1hr ish, but don't need the awning if it's only for a weekend or so. The awning gives loads more space though, and we use an annexe for a 3rd bedroom for dd - so ds in one pod, me and dh in another and dd in the awning, works well.

We don't get chilled/damp, we have EHU and use a fan heater at night which warms it up quickly. The beds are comfy and using duvets/blankets makes it homely and warm. It's great having a proper hob and sink unit, and I love having the seating area, so much nicer than sitting round a chilly tent on deckchairs at night.

I love that the beds stay made up and there is always a little 'room' to retreat to and have a rest in the day.

For me it's the best of both worlds - the feel of camping with the luxury of caravanning. Storage is fine if you have a garage or even just a driveway, you can get all weather covers. Easier to pull than a caravan.

I luffs my FC and one day would love to upgrade to one of those new models with pvc material, integral heaters, ovens and the works. Ours does have a little toilet cubicle which is a wonderful thing smile

Good luck - let us know what you decide to do and give us some links to ogle over help you decide!

chicaguapa Sat 12-Apr-14 20:37:00

Oh madhairday you make me want to go away in mine right now. I love my bed in the FC. We have a superking duvet and it's so snugly. grin

IloveJudgeJudy Mon 21-Apr-14 16:40:18

We, too, have a folding camper. Our car doesn't have the power to tow a caravan of the size we'd need. The FC is great. It means you're off the ground, the fridge is already there as is the cooker. The beds just fold outwards. You can store your sleeping kit on the beds while you travel. We love ours.

Flappingandflying Mon 21-Apr-14 21:34:27

I think we are going to get one! Rather excited. What do you all do re insurance for it?

antipasty Mon 21-Apr-14 21:39:03

We have a newish fc and it's great. Lovely and cosy,oven,toilet,wardrobe etc. We got insurance through the Camping & Caravanning club but it's worth shopping around.

hillbilly Mon 21-Apr-14 22:03:20

I came across a family this weekend who really got a bargain. FC for £200 on ebay. They were very happy with it. I'm a tent person through and through and I guess you would need somewhere to keep it.

Flappingandflying Mon 28-Apr-14 22:04:18

Bought one! Immaculate condition with tons of extras.

RaspberryLemonPavlova Fri 02-May-14 18:24:45

Congratulations. We love ours. I think ours is insured through CaravanGuard

madhairday Sun 04-May-14 13:39:34

Ooh lovely! What model did you buy?

We simply added a caravan element to our household insurance. About £100 a year iirc. Covers it out and about as well as at home so seems to be a good way.

Flappingandflying Sun 04-May-14 16:30:13

We bought a Pennine Pullman aged 2004 that doesn't look used at all although it has been. The last people were really careful with it. Just gone to buy a potapoti and lots of other bits. Going to open Her up tomorrow on the drive and try to remember what to do!

Thanks to everyone for help. Let's just hope half term is OK weather and then we can get away on a practice run.

madhairday Sun 04-May-14 16:51:48

Oh lovely - we also have a Pennine, Sovereign model. They are brilliant - you'll love it. Going anywhere nice for half term? We'll be dusting ours down after the winter too, off to Dorset.

Flappingandflying Sun 04-May-14 17:32:07

Don't know yet. I'd like to do Dorset or the Witterings or Romsey as we are in SE. Unfortunately DH needs to see his mother in west yorks and we need to sort out her old house to get it ready for selling. Bloody pain in the bum but needs doing. Found a nice site north of Nottingham which might be a compromise...but really we've got to see what the weather is like.

Where do you recommend in Dorset.

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