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Bell tents... again!

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ovumahead Thu 27-Mar-14 09:56:20

Hi everyone

Just researching bell tents, been reading the posts here. Seems a lot of people like the SoulPad ones. Anyone have any experience of the Karma Canvas ones? seem significantly cheaper than the Bell Tent UK ones which I am very attracted to.

We're going to get a 5 metre tent I think, but this year it will be me, my dh, our 6 year old ds and 3 other kids ranging from age 5-11. Will we all fit? Not going to get an inner tent for now...

Also just wondering if people consider the tarp essential?

Thank you!!

BakerandBell Thu 27-Mar-14 18:21:40

Would always take a tarp of gazebo type thing to cover over the cooking and eating area, but prefer ours separate to the tent. Usually camp in a group though so like to have a communal eating area set up in the middle of all the tents with tarps over.

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