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Tomorrow I am attempting 'Sunday Roast in the Cobb'

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professorpoopsnagle Sat 15-Mar-14 21:43:14

As I want to try it before camping so that our trip is perfect in case I need to finish it off in the oven.

I am going to peel and chop the potatoes, wrap in foil for around the moat. Ditto carrots and parsnips. Shall I put these in at the beginning? (To save lifting the lid?)

Can I use a roasting bag for the chicken or should it go naked?

I have cheap cobblestones- lokkii or Webber charcoal (which apparently goes hotter), which should I use?

And how should I do the gravy? grin

Doingfine Sat 15-Mar-14 21:52:36

Lokki for burning. Carrots & tatoes from beginning. No roasting bag and gravy granules. Cook breast side down first. :-)

professorpoopsnagle Sun 16-Mar-14 21:15:05

Ok, we did it and I think it was ok, at least no-one has signs of food poisoning. smile

Used a lokki and it kept hot enough for the whole time. Next time I will put a bit more veg on the tray with the chicken than all in the moat, but it was all cooked through enough. Had the chicken upside down and then turned it.

I noticed on a you tube video that someone has a metal 'sheath' which goes around the fire basket, and I think that contains the charcoal a bit more, and lessens the need for foil.

I'm going to buy better quality foil for camping, plus I do like the parchment lined stuff.

But it was a success and I'm planning on doing a roast when camping at Easter. The smell was ammmaaaazing.

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