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Camping kitchens,

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cherrypiesally Sat 08-Mar-14 21:48:35


Are camping kitchens worth it or am I falling for a gimmick, (similar to the one below):

YoungJoseph Sun 09-Mar-14 08:09:00

Yes they are worth it if you are going camping for a few days and are planning on cooking most meals. You can stand at it to cook and store food or utensils on it. I think it makes cooking safer by keeping everything off the floor and away from the children. I wouldn't use a camping table instead, I see people without them cooking on the ground. My PIL still have theirs from over 30 years ago, so not that gimmicky.
If you are only going away for weekends and car space is a real issue I wouldn't perhaps bother.

PicaK Sun 09-Mar-14 22:23:29

If you have room (and they fold up quite neatly) i think they're great. Enjoyed cooking at mine and having dedicated area for storing cooking equipment, plates etc. Took an extra washing up bowl to hold stuff.

MsPickle Mon 10-Mar-14 03:05:32

Dh was dismissive until he tried a trip with mine. It was my grandparents' originally, don't know how old, 30/40 years?! Amazing. I love it.

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