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Glamping kit

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TheABC Sun 02-Mar-14 12:57:49

We are gearing up for the camping season, with festivals booked, sites earmarked and kit inspected. We have a 5m bell tent with a double inner and I really want to do the whole glamour thing this year. Well, as fair as is practical with a year old baby.

So fair, we have:
Battery operated candles
Fairy lights for around the tent (so we can see in the evening with waking DS)
Foam mattresses and velvet throw
See through plastic boxes & for storage (can throw a hippie blanket over them when not in use?)
Standard camp chairs.
Gas stove.

Make me envious of your glamp possessions! In particular for tables, comfortable cooking equipment and baby stuff!

Glampinglove Sun 02-Mar-14 18:18:37

Hi the majority of my camping equipment is pretty standard however I add throws, table cloths and bunting. I have a pink gazebo where I have huge floor cushions. Table cloths are great as they hide the storage boxes underneath.
I have a mini oven and the majority of my cooking equipment is pink. I can't be much help with the baby stuff as my DD is 12.

TheABC Mon 03-Mar-14 19:45:26

Cheers, glampinglove. It's all in the furnishings.....

Dillydollydaydream Tue 04-Mar-14 09:02:51

This is quite a good website

glam camping
Love the idea of fairy lights.

MummyPigsFatTummy Tue 04-Mar-14 10:01:21

Well, I bought a table last year from here:
and painted and decorated myself which, with my lack of creativity, was challenging. Also some hooks from the same place which were useful to hang up keys and other easily lost items.

Also a tea light chandelier which we got from the White Company in the sale last year after a tip off from shirazplease, plus battery operated tea lights. If you google tea light chandelier there are lots of different options.

For sitting we have moon chairs which are comfortable though definitely take up more space in the car. We have a massive superking airbed with proper duvet and pillows, which is great as DD tends to sleep with us.

For eating we bought an Outwell metal and bamboo version of the plastic table and four stools fold-thingy you can buy everywhere. We got ours in Halfords in the sale. If I was buying again, I think I would get an all aluminium one as ours weighs a ton.

For cooking we have one of these:, although I am not sure that it is particularly glampy.

We have a load of brightly coloured melamine picnic stuff for eating but I noticed the other day that BhS are doing a line of really pretty stuff this year which seems quite reasonable priced.

Lots of collapsible stuff too - kettle, bowls, washing up bowl etc. all in bright colours.

I think that is about it, although I keep promising myself to make bunting. So far not got anywhere though.

We have nothing particularly glampy for kids I don't think - apart from an IKEA sheepskin rug thing DD used to sleep on when she was a baby for extra insulation over her mattress. We had a Littlelife Arc 2 travel cot for her as well - again, not especially glampy but extremely practical.

We used to have proper storm lanterns which were quite nice but have temporarily abandoned those in favour of battery lights until DD is a bit bigger.

Throws and tablecloths and cushions are brilliant for glamping up your tent, which I see you already have.

Have a brilliant summer grin

MummyPigsFatTummy Tue 04-Mar-14 10:02:00

Try again with the link:

TheABC Fri 07-Mar-14 11:47:35

Oooooh! <starts counting pennies>

BakerandBell Fri 14-Mar-14 14:42:23

Glamping kit needs to be practical and portable - nothing makes it into our car unless it's proved its use. Well apart from the odd bit of bunting...Here are some of my favourite essentials

Battery powered storm lanterns - they look like the old vintage oil lamps but have been converted to LED, can be used at home in the garden too

The biggest table you can fit in - it's really hard to find anything nice that's portable e.g. wood because they need to be lightweight and portable but can always cover up with a nice tablecloth. We use the Gelert Double Folding table but you'd never know underneath the stylish oilcloth.

Nice blankets - have multiple uses, bedding, picnic rugs, take to the beach and put over your knees around the campfire

Good quality toasting forks - depending on the campsite, it can be difficult to find a good supply of long sticks for marshmallow toasting

An empty picnic hamper to carry it all in - we keep ours ready packed so we can just shove it in the car. Good for storing things at the campsite too.

TheABC Fri 14-Mar-14 23:59:56

Cheers, bakerandbell. Good point about the table. I like your storm lantern, but DH is wedded to his battery candles. I seriously think a porch setup with decent tarp and mainstream/cook section is the way to go this year - less stuff for baby to find and chew on. Plus more room for moonchairs :-)

I am also sourcing sheepskin rugs -yes, I am getting soft in my old age!

shirazplease Mon 14-Apr-14 20:20:14

Oooh tent poncing thread has my attention gringrin

I think you've got pretty much everything covered?

Although we do take a faux cream leather ottoman with us that works for storage as well as a seat. It all folds up into the lid so not that bulky. Picked it up in Argos.

Saying that, we've now give in and bought a trailer after a horrifically uncomfortable drive to the vendee.

Click on my profile for pics of our set up.


hillbilly Mon 14-Apr-14 21:33:14

Shiraz - I love the fact that you take an ottoman camping. I remember you mentioning it last year and it still makes me smile smile

MummyPigsFatTummy Tue 15-Apr-14 09:38:03

DH would definitely have a coronory if I suggested bringing an ottoman (even one which folded into its own lid) camping, but I do think it is a fab idea.

Nobloomingideapgornot Tue 15-Apr-14 13:47:00

Gosh some great ideas

We have solar fairy lights for event shelter
Flagpole 9m so kids can find us easily
Everything accessory wise from kitchen to bedding is green so I know it's camping stuff.
We have ehu so take electric kettle and toaster, iPads, laptop, chargers etc
Event shelter
Collapsible vango clothes storage, kitchen unit for food, kitchen unit for cooker
Gas cooker for pasta/pots/rice/beans etc
Electric fridge

I'm sure there's more.. Hence why we are getting a trailer lol!

Fannydabbydozey Wed 23-Apr-14 19:54:39

We are serious glampers: sparkly cushions, a goatskin rug, loads of blankets and throws and a great mat I bought abroad which is a huge plastic beach mat which actually looks like a Persian carpet.

We also do fairy lights, bunting, very glam plastic glassware we got from TK maxx, stripey pop up laundry baskets - great for dirty washing and food storage, and the ubiquitous tablecloth. I also take a little vase for the table... Ones of our beds is a sofa too so that gets covered dayside in an Indian throw I got on Arjuna beach many many (full) moons ago.

Our table converts from a high eating dinner type to a low drinking type which is quite nice. And we have a giant canopy from obelink to cook and shelter under. This is, of course, where the bunting goes round!

I love my bell tent too much.

MichaelFinnigan Wed 23-Apr-14 20:02:56

Everyone needs a brexton picnic case

MichaelFinnigan Wed 23-Apr-14 20:06:21

Ours is regrettably only a four place setting

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