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Eurocamp kids clubs for toddlers - worth paying a 'Eurocamp premium'?

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IceNoSlice Sun 02-Mar-14 08:20:44

Same question for Keycamp, Canvas Holidays etc.

We're planning a holiday in France in a mobile home, DS will be 22 months and DD 3 months. We're looking at sites deemed toddler friendly on the Eurocamp website - with ideally a good pool, playground, walk to beach and not too noisy at night.

Eurocamp also offer free activities for toddlers. Thought this might be nice for DS? Are these any good? Is he too young?

A lot of posts on here recommend booking directly with the campsite and avoiding 'Eurocamp premiums'. The only thing it seems we would miss are these Eurocamp kids clubs.

Any views please?

mummytime Sun 02-Mar-14 08:28:17

The Eurocamp toddler programs tend to operate outside the school holidays, partly to give the corridors something to do. It depends what you want from a holiday. Will you really miss toddler groups when you are away? If so then the premium might be worth it. If you and the children will be happy just swimming, playing on the beach etc. then maybe not.
One other advantage is that if something goes wrong you will have someone with good English to help (a bit).
However if you choose to book direct it might be good to book a site where Eurocamp etc. do have toddler activities as there will be more toddlers about.
You could also consider going with a big campsite operator such as Yelloh.

IceNoSlice Sun 02-Mar-14 12:45:58

Thank you mummytime. We're thinking of going in June which seems to be when the toddler sessions run, so hopefully a few others about. Our French is passable so I would be reasonably happy sorting out any issues.

Any idea what sort of thing these toddler sessions entail? Crafts, games, that kind of thing?

mummytime Sun 02-Mar-14 16:14:59

As far as I know, they have some toddler toys, and maybe lead a few crafts.
Do beware, there may not be that many children. My (then 5-10 year old) children have at times been pretty much the only children at child's clubs, and that was in the middle of the school holidays.

Corridors above meant to say couriers. I only mentioned it because the one time we had to go to A and E, at least getting the directions in English did help. (Our French and the Hospital staff's English didn't quite cover the anatomy we needed.)

pussinwellyboots Fri 07-Mar-14 15:02:35

We've been with eurocamp twice with 2 under 5s we've used the learning to cycle and swim kids clubs which have been good. The kids clubs meant one parent could happily take kids to an activity session -arts and craft/teddy bears picnic etc whilst the other got to enjoy some peace/reading a book! For us the cost was very reasonable outside of school hols but in future now tied to school will probably book direct wit sites as the price jump is huge.

energyfirst Fri 07-Mar-14 16:35:50

are you planning to go in Eatser or Summer? watching with interest - also planning to go to Eurocamp

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