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Camping in the Lake District

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Lucylouby Sun 02-Mar-14 00:23:28

I'm after a recommendation for a campsite in the Lake District for our summer holiday. We normally camp in the tent, but fancy a bit of a change this year so are thinking of staying in a camping pod to make it a bit different for the dc, age 7,5,3. It would be great if camp site had a play area, but other than that all we want is clean toilets and good showers. Any ideas?

allnewtaketwo Sun 02-Mar-14 17:51:00

We stayed in Low Wray which was really nice and great play area. Pods are close to the lake. Only slight downside is bit of walk from where you can leave your car and the pod. But otherwise really nice. The pods there are the basic sort, no mod cons.

Other place we stayed was Abbots Reading Farm. The pods are heated, lighting, beds, microwave, fab! Google it.

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