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Le Littoral site Yelloh -Vendee France

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oldromantic Thu 27-Feb-14 20:26:40

Has anyone ever been to this site?! am looking for real life human reviews - we have just booked for 10 days here - our first family holiday abroad that is not us towing a small old caravan around the south of england!! there are many very postiive reviews on trip advisor, the yelloh site etc mixed in with some horrendous ones!! am of the thinking forewarned is forearmed with these things - any one ever been there??!!

bedhaven Thu 27-Feb-14 21:13:43

Nope, but also booked for our first camping foray abroad there in July. There were just too many to choose from so went with gut. Seems like it's sardines with the cabins and really variable depending on which operator you go with. The pitches are all what seems a good size (but I'm in a tent), pools look fine, can't remember any complaints about the bathroom facilities. Speedos seem standard everywhere, I know the beach is rocky, they sell wine- all will be good! My only issue is they don't allow charcoal barbeques and I only found that out by my repeated internet nosing. I just started a thread to ask for advice about that though. Hope we hear some positive news!

2cats2many Thu 27-Feb-14 21:24:14

I went a few years ago and it was really nice. Heated pool, lovely playground. The beach was rocky, but it was a short drive/cycle to a really lovely, massively sandy beach. The closest town, Les Sables De les olones (sp?) Was great for dinner.

The onsite restaurant/shop was fine and there was a good inside/ terrace bar for the evenings.

We had a really lovely time.

millimat Fri 28-Feb-14 21:27:04

We're off to a different yelloh site, so hoping the company gets good reviews!!

MissBeehiving Fri 28-Feb-14 21:37:25

yes - went last year. Site was very good. Pool was like a bath. Restaurant and takeaway were very good. It's on a rocky beach but gorgeous sandy beaches nearby. Didn't use the showers/washing but all looked clean and working! Really liked it smile

bedhaven Sat 01-Mar-14 07:27:32

Hooray for that!

whitecat Sat 01-Mar-14 17:21:42

We went a couple of years ago - for the Easter hols. We gambled and took a tent and had remarkably good weather. The site itself is lovely. The camping bits are really green with huge trees and pine cones strewn about. A bit less green where all the hire chalet/cabins are. Great playground for the kids and a popular kids clubs, although shy girl decided she was not going it.

Staff easy going and efficient. Wifi in the tent = brilliant. Little shop for necessities and a great restaurant. We thought the restaurant was good value for money and we discovered watching the French clientele that you could pay in advance and buy meals on a board basis.

Sables d' Olonne is a busy town with a market and fantastic beaches. These get really busy in the afternoon and are popular for bathing and surfing.

The beach nearest the campsite is very popular and I think at the height of the season a car train will take you there. There is also a paying kids playground towards that beach we took are daughter but we also saw some parents having a fit over the sandy surroundings and less than pristine equipment. Yet another opportunity for your child to join an international pack.

Nice place, nice folk and a wild beach out the back.

oldromantic Sun 02-Mar-14 20:59:29

Ah thank you all for your replies!! I am so excited! Can i ask those of you who have been in rented accomadation - are there quieter areas of the site? Am worried about dd being kept awake in the evenings with noise etc from entertainment etc - or is that not the case? and do you reckon we could take a gas bbq?

MissBeehiving Mon 03-Mar-14 19:40:43

It was all pretty quiet, the entertainment wasn't much of a problem even though we were quite close.

Ours came with a BBQ?

MillyONaire Thu 06-Mar-14 22:46:25

I was there in 2011. I went on to stay in other Yelloh sites - some great some not so great. Le Littoral was kind of in the middle but also I have come to realise that everyone's experience varies hugely according to their tastes and expectations! It was clean, good pool (and slides) and great bikes & trailers for hire with the most fantastic bike paths running right by the gate so you can cycle into Les Sables or the opposite direction. Les Sables beach is lovely but there's also a nice beach at Talmont. Port Bourgenay has a couple of nice restaurants and a marina for a mooch around. The mobiles are quite close to each other and there were a lot of irish and english while we were there. There were two playgrounds (one for older children which was good). The site wasn't exceptionally noisy but you would hear noise in the evening - my very fussy (back then) baby slept no problem. We were near the beach exit - Les Sables side. We found the staff very helpful - it might be no harm to contact them now re your preferences re location. I had organised everything through a helpful girl called Selma if memory serves me right - she was very efficient. There was a great baby pool. Bonnes Vacances!

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