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RCN La Ferme du Latois

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lilypink1977 Wed 26-Feb-14 10:07:02

Hi we've booked to go here in vendee in August- anyone been? Can anyone recommend must see places to see & do etc?
Very excited!!!!!!
Thanks for your help :0)

Paddington Sun 02-Mar-14 21:13:43

We had a lovely fortnight camping with our DS aged 6 & 3.5 on this site in 2010. Lovely Dutch owners who couldn't have been more helpful. Very large pitches and clean washrooms. Very high proportion of campers were Dutch with a sprinkling of British families.

We visited a number of beaches in the area. We all enjoyed the gardens in Coëx. Although a long and not cheap day out we highly recommend a visit to Puy du Fou - a fantastic experience for all of us. We also spent time in Les Sables d'Olonne including a day at the lovely zoo there for our 6 year old's birthday. There is a lake very close by which we enjoyed visiting as well as a windmill with a small maize trail and a nearby village with a good castle to visit (sorry can't remember the name). We were happy to laze away several days by the pool onsite and playing games on the campsite.

There's a Go Ape style place nearby which was very good and you can hire bikes.

MrsPnut Tue 04-Mar-14 06:48:57

We went last august, we hired a static because it was only about 200 euros more and we did the overnight ferry from Dover so we were exhausted when we arrived.

We went to the beaches at Sion sur ocean, where there are loads of great rock pools and also st Giles, where we saw an air show by the french "red arrows"

We also went to the market at st gille and used the leclerc there as our main supermarket. We went to the museum of the Vendee and thought it was very good but drove to Normoutier and visited the aquarium which was a complete rip off.

pluto75 Tue 04-Mar-14 22:44:31

We too have booked our first camping trip to France here in August and are also really interested to hear comments from previous visitors. We have only been on one UK camping trip after investing in our first tent last summer so camping in France is a big adventure.
At the risk of sounding a complete Anglophile I have not spoken French since taking my French GCSE which was ahem a long time ago... will we get by, I'm having hot flushes trying to recall how to ask for directions to La Piscine and order a croque monsieur

MrsPnut Wed 05-Mar-14 06:29:48

Don't worry, all the staff are Dutch and speak perfect English.

I'd say don't rely on the pizzas though on site, they get a delivery once a week and the night we fancied pizza they'd run out of almost every variety. I ended up cooking anyway. The frites though are good from the snack bar and it's easy to cook some chicken, make a salad and send someone off to buy frites.

My french is probably a similar level to yours, did french gcse a long time ago but it's amazing what you remember. I can read french pretty well, can understand if someone speaks slowly and can speak a very small amount of basic french yet we always manage when we go to France.

We really enjoyed ferme de latois and are thinking about going to one of the sites further south next year.

lilypink1977 Fri 07-Mar-14 19:26:21

Thanks so much for your replies! Some great suggestions! Our little ones will be 5 and 15months (!!) so great to hear suggestions of things to do. We're do excited although the travelling will be immense for us- travelling euro tunnel then driving down, but both kids are used to travelling from one end the country to the other so hoping it'll be ok!!!


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