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Making thermal blinds for elderly campervan - how to attach to windows?

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magso Mon 17-Feb-14 15:50:22

Ok we have at last bought a small elderly Japanese campervan!! Its quite basic at present, although does have the all important mini shower room and seatbelts and beds for 4. Before we can use it it needs insulation and window coverings. ( oh and all the gas/electrics/ engine/water checked out but that is DH department). I am making thermal blinds from the silvered bubble backed stuff from Wicks used to insulate behind radiators. Its light weight, opaque to light and affordable, but probably not very strong. Before I make them I have to decide how to put them up and take them down in a way that is easy and possible. The hull is fibreglass, (so cannot take tacks or screws), covered in paper (stuck down fabric over the cab) and slopes slightly to be wider at the base, - no wood to screw things too or metal to use magnetic catches. So I need to attach at the top, sides and bottoms to stop light and cold leaking in. Ds is likely to be heavy handed ( autistic age 14). The over-cab bunk (that ds has said is his) has 3 windows, the front doesn't open so I have made a blind that fits into the slots that would be used for sliding if it did open. I stuck 2 layers together (with double sided sticky) and taped the edges. The rest I still have to sort!!

Any ideas? Would sticky velcro patches be robust enough? Could I stick magnets somehow in the relevant places (and if so where to buy?) and use magnets to stick the blinds. What has worked for others. There must have been curtains originally but now there is no sign of any curtain fixing. I might make pretty curtains or blinds eventually (when time and savings permit) but need to get the insulated type up and running first, so we can use it.
Any ideas? What have others done?

cupoftchai Mon 17-Feb-14 20:35:09

My dad uses plastic suckers- the round plastic things that stick to glass, do u know what I mean? They work very well. Each blind has four quite near the corners. They work even better if they r a bit wet when stuck on.

cupoftchai Mon 17-Feb-14 20:38:38

Oops sorry was in rush and misunderstood what u r making them out of. That stuff would be too weak I think for the suckers. I was thinking of this material link also shows the suckers. Is your material very different? Could u attach fleece or something stronger to reinforce it?

magso Mon 17-Feb-14 21:03:20

Thanks cupoftea, I should have said I cannot use suction cups because there are insect screens on the inside of half of each opening window (they slide). I can use suction cups on the windscreen. But thank you for the link - you got a lot more possibles up than my attempt. I tried stick on velcro - it did not stick to the walls!! I am wondering about elastic straps to hang from the board overhead cupboards although I have no idea how to stop the bottoms hanging vertical to the tops - perhaps suction cups on one side only. I could use suction cups if I put them on the outside - and may find that is the only thing I can do!
I may just have to make lightweight curtains, suspended from the overhead lockers, and put up with the reduced space.

cupoftchai Mon 17-Feb-14 21:19:44

Can u glue the Velcro strips to the walls? U have reminded me of the camper we had as a kid. The curtains had Velcro strips all along the base to hold them against window and out of way.
Thank u for reminding me of proper name for the suckers!

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Mon 17-Feb-14 21:21:53

Could you glue poppers to the wall / other half glue on the blind then popper into place?

magso Mon 17-Feb-14 23:03:36

Glue might do it!

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