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Green Man festival 2014

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chicaguapa Wed 05-Feb-14 23:08:42

Sign in if you're going this year.

We got early bird tickets before Christmas and this will be our first ever festival! So fingers crossed for good weather as I'm not sure we'll cope with lots of rain and I promised DH it wouldn't.

I think DH might be starting to look forward to it now the line up has been announced. He is adding bands to his Spotify playlists as I type. We have accidentally been listening to Martika's Toy Soldiers after a Toy track. confused

The Little Folk theme is Enchanted Forest but there's not much information on the other areas yet.

exexpat Thu 06-Feb-14 00:30:09

We've been for the past three years, but we're not going this year - it clashes with a holiday I've booked. I did ask DS when the early bird tickets came out if he wanted to go, but he was a bit meh about it, so I went ahead and booked the holiday. Then of course yesterday when they announced the first bands, it turns out that he's been desperate to see Beirut for ages... (first I'd heard of it, of course)

We've had two dry-ish years and one very muddy year, in 2012 - it didn't rain much during the actual festival, but had rained for weeks beforehand, so thousands of people on waterlogged fields just meant the whole place turned into a swamp. I think they learnt a few lessons from that, as last year there were a lot more reinforced walkways etc that wouldn't have turned into mud soup in the rain.

Even in the muddy year it was great, it's just so much nicer when you can sit on the grass in the sun, with a cider in hand, looking down at the main stage...

We may well be back next year.

chicaguapa Thu 06-Feb-14 09:23:42

The dates are a bit inconvenient aren't they? We had to squeeze in a holiday between the end of term and then as the DC seem to be breaking up later than everyone else! Then I'm back at work for a few days then off again.

I hope we enjoy it and want to go again next year. Though the price will go up a lot as DD will be 13 then and not a fiver again.

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