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Lake District Recommendations? (Or Pembrokeshire as alternative)

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Milliways Mon 13-Jan-14 19:58:16

This year we are using our Motorhome for our main holiday, rather than just the usual weekends & shorter breaks. I have a week in May, 2 weeks June/July and a week in September to plan (and then every weekend we can escape!)

I have never been to the Lakes, so thought the 2 week break would be perfect as may take 2 days to get there. However, there is so much to choose from I don't know where to start. Ideally would like 3 or 4 sites that we can travel around, to see lots of different areas. We will not have a car, so sites near to villages, directly walkable to a lake or public transport would be great. We will have a double canoe & bikes - and no kids! Can stock up with provisions on the journey between sites so ccess to villages not essential but might be nice at at least one. We have all facilities on board but would like a loo block on the sites.

My other place to want to try is Snowdonia and North Pembroke - but that could be the May or September week. If feeling brave, we may go to Normandy (have done most of France but just with a car and stayed in Mobile Homes).

Where would you go?

ThePartyArtist Tue 14-Jan-14 11:26:16

I don't know the Lakes but keep meaning to get there. Pembrokeshire is beautiful - I have spent all my holidays since childhood in St. Davids. There's lots to do if you're an outdoorsy person - good surfing; easy but beautiful walks on the Pembrokeshire coast path (and a seasonal bus which you can hook up with if you fancy a one-way walk); boat trips to see wildlife and nearby islands; providers of activities like kayaking, coasteering etc. St. Davids itself is a beautiful little village (though technically it's a city) with a big cathedral, family friendly pubs and restaurants and cafes, icecream places, little galleries and shops - so there's stuff to do if the weather isn't perfect. Let me know if you'd like more info about particular campsites etc.

professorpoopsnagle Tue 14-Jan-14 14:49:15

I have stayed at the Quiet site in the LD, which was very nice. It is a bit far from sights though, (as I imagine that many campsites are) so to visit places from there might be a bit far using your bikes.

If you go food shopping you must find a Booths to pop into to have the proper Cumbrian experience.

Milliways Tue 14-Jan-14 16:33:08

Thank you both smile

We visited St David;s last year, stayed at Newgale, but have not been further North along that coast. It is so beautiful around there.

I have The Quiet SIte bookmarked from threads on here years ago - I/m sure a MNer used to own it - wonder if they still do (or if they still come on this site?)

Will make a note of Booths though - Thanks smile

threeisthebest Tue 14-Jan-14 21:48:03

Park Coppice at Coniston. Direct access to lake for your canoe and about 20mins walk (if that) into centre of Coniston.

threeisthebest Tue 14-Jan-14 21:48:57

You can climb the "old man" at Coniston and again, can reach this by walking from the site.

Milliways Tue 14-Jan-14 21:57:48

Ooh, Thank you for that one Threeisthebest, sounds perfect smile

MrsMc82 Tue 14-Jan-14 22:49:38
V close to a little beach on Thirlmere... v quite and cheap. ... stunning scenery basic but love it. ..

Milliways Wed 15-Jan-14 21:01:15

Thank you MrsM - I can start to build an itinerary! smile

ShoeWhore Wed 15-Jan-14 21:08:31

In the South Lakes there's a lovely CC site called Low Park Wood.

Don't know about campsites in Pembrokeshire but I love it there. The Preseli Hills, Cardigan, Poppit Sands, Penbryn and Mwnt beaches, St Dogmael's for the little market, ruined abbey and award-winning fish and chips, Strumble Head for stunning sea views - all fabulous.

Milliways Thu 16-Jan-14 21:21:14

Thanks! (Had trouble finding that one but it has changed name now to the Kendal CC Site - looks great) smile

Ooh, Pembroke is so tempting too - and closer to home, really spoiled for choice now.

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