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Coleman pop-up tent - need more space

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makoshark Wed 08-Jan-14 23:09:02

Thanks hz - just looked that up. Fits the bill and a lot cheaper than buying a bigger tent smile

hz Wed 08-Jan-14 22:52:37

How about getting the quechua pop up base tent. Not sure how it woud work with a coleman tent but great as a seperate 'living space'. Keeping main tent for sleeping and storage.

makoshark Wed 08-Jan-14 22:42:12

We have a Coleman 4 person pop-up tent. Was pretty good last year, a tight squeeze with 3 + dog, but even with only 2 of us in it + dog, there wasn't any living room.

I'm thinking about either getting some kind of camping gazebo to use as a kind of front porch/living space, or upgrading to the Coleman family tent.

Problem with the gazebo idea is that they all seem to be huge - much bigger than our tent.

Any suggestions very welcome. Would especially like to hear from anyone with experience of the Coleman family tent.

Thank you smile

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