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Camping car?

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Maramae Sun 05-Jan-14 01:12:28

Hi do you think this is a feasible idea? After much thought and research I have sort of come to the conclusion that a converted toyota previa will best suit our camping needs.

I take my daughter camping on my own as DH will not entertain the idea and I have a lot more holidays than him. I hate sleeping in the tent but love the rest of the camping outdoors stuff. So my idea was for up to put the tent up with all the camping gear in it but to sleep in the car! Is this a mad idea?

I have seen conversions done by bumble campers and i have just seen a fab swiss designed camping box system that you put in your car to go camping.

What do you think the bad points of this idea would be?

Thanks MM

flow4 Sun 05-Jan-14 13:30:03

One of my friends has a 'camping box' conversion that slots into her Berlingo, and she loves it. The disadvantage is that you have no standing room, which is awkward for cooking and poor weather.

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