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Camping in south of France - med coast

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melrose Fri 03-Jan-14 00:37:53

I am thinking of venturing further south this year, having done west coast twice.

Has anyone got any recommendations. Been looking at yelloh sites which look good. Want to be able to get to beach and town without driving - but happy to cycle (hired bikes for whole trip last year which was great, never used the car)

Also anyone done auto train to get there or just ferry and drive?

melrose Fri 03-Jan-14 00:38:20

Meant to say, me, Dh, and kids 10,7 and 3

Lucycat Fri 03-Jan-14 18:13:34

We went to Serignan Plage nr Beziers last summer which is a big, but not horrendously big site right on the beach. The biggest bonus if you have smallish (and not so small in the case of my dh) is the new pool area with small slides, pirate ship and lots of squirty things. Check out the website for a video.
As our children are older we (abandoned them and) also made use of the amazing adults only Balneo - just not in the morning when the nudists from the site next door use it!
Are you camping or renting accommodation?

we rented and the location was superb - I'm not so sure about the camping area, it seemed a bit barren and shanty townish.

hth? we drove down - tis a v long way

Ratfinkle Fri 03-Jan-14 18:17:53

We didn't like frejus very much so I would avoid that if we returned to the south. We loved st maxime, and st Agnes but the latter is fairly small. Loads of campsites down there but I can't recommend any specifically. We went to a Sibiu campsite in frejus and IMO it was a dump in the middle of wasteland so avoid it like the plague! It was called Le Monterey.

Ratfinkle Fri 03-Jan-14 18:22:13

Ps we drove with a 3year old. Couldn't find our stopover hotel so drove thru the night which actually wasn't too bad but it is seriously far. Nice to arrive beachside at 5am tho!

On the way back we stopped off in meursault in burgundy which was about half way.

hillbilly Fri 03-Jan-14 18:25:09

Marking my place as looking for recommendations for same area smile

Slubberdegullion Fri 03-Jan-14 18:30:51

I was in the shanty town at Serignan Plage IN A REAL AND ACTUAL TENT and therefore properly camping Lucycat wink and very un shanty town like it was too. Lovely facilities.
We backpacked and took the train. Worked OK apart from the clown town taxi situation at Beziers train station.
You can hire bikes to escape the campsite, although it is a 45 min ride. Kids loved the site, dh loved the site, I liked it a lot but would have liked to have gone out a bit more, but with no car that was tricky.

Slubberdegullion Fri 03-Jan-14 18:31:38

On the train it was
And you were there

melrose Sat 04-Jan-14 14:25:38

Thanks slubber and Lucy, looked at that site, but concerned it may be a bit remote and in the middle of nowhere, although sure the kids would love it. Can't decide where to go this year!

IpsyUpsyDaisyDo Sun 05-Jan-14 08:19:01

We found Aguy Soleil in Aguy, Cap L'Esterel. (Not far from Frejus!) We'd been in Biot but didn't like the site at all (we were in one of 10 tent pitches surrounded by static caravans in every direction, not quite what we were expecting)
Aguy Soleil is compact and bijoux! But it has good facilities & is right on the beach, at one end of the promenade of the town. Aguy itself is a sweet little town, a couple of bars, restaurants & supermarkets. Cap L'Esterel is a small national park, good for walks & cycling. Lots of other small campsites in that area too.
It's a long drive, we crossed in the tunnel & stopped overnight at a Formulae #1 in Dijon - that's a lovely city, worth an hour or two of exploring.

Kahlua4me Sun 05-Jan-14 08:22:11

We stayed in a few years ago at a campsite called Le Neptune. It is a small site and well run. Local beach was good too.

Kahlua4me Sun 05-Jan-14 08:25:54

We stayed in AGDE! I did type it in but it seems to have disappeared
We drove down over a few days

PortofinoRevisited Sun 05-Jan-14 08:55:28

There are several campsites in Vias Plage - La Carabasse is good - and Yelloh Club Farret. Everything is in walking distance - shops/restaurants, the beach, minigolf, the fun fair at Luna Park. It's about 15 mins from Bezier airport. You can hire bikes and cycle along the canal into Agde - or or do boat trips up to Bezier etc.

Lucycat Wed 08-Jan-14 09:11:19

HNY Slubber smile we were at Serignan a few weeks before you and the 'camping' area had hardly any tents there just LOTS of double axle caravans with huge awnings - so there was v little space between them. As we left so did they!
The main issue we found in the area was the appalling traffic, it took ages to get anywhere.
We preferred further round the coast towards La Grande Motte where the beaches are quieter and there is more to see inland too.
No idea yet where we're going this year!

Middleagedmotheroftwo Wed 08-Jan-14 09:15:47

I can recommend La Domaine de La Bergerie in Roquebrune sur Argens, inland from Frejus.
It's too far to walk to the beach, but we have cycled from there to St Aygulf beaches. Car is better though, for beach at Les Issambres and other nice beaches not far away.
We drive down regularly (it's like a second home). The site is mostly static mobile homes, but there is a large camping area for tents and vans, and the site is extremely well appointed.
We often drive down overnight. It's a hellish journey, whatever time of day you do it, but so worth it when you see the blue Med in front of you!
The train is great, and stress free, but expensive.

Maryz Wed 08-Jan-14 09:16:35

We went to Argilles last year and had a fantastic time. I stayed in La Sirene in a Canvas tent which was right on the beach.

It was heaven for the kids - huge pool, readymade friends, funfair, high ropes, canyoning girls It was a bit Blackpool-in-the-South-of-France-ish, though I did make them visit a couple of places as a token nod to culture.

I spent most of my time on the beach, on my own, with a book.

It might be jammers in late July/August, and might be a bit more difficult with younger kids though.

Maryz Wed 08-Jan-14 09:18:43

Oops, not La Sirene, Le Soleil. La Sirene is a little bit inland (about a mile I think), but ginormous and seriously crowded, I thought. Lots of "enforced entertainment" too, which isn't my thing.

Ours was not much smaller but a heck of a lot quieter.

Giraffeski Wed 08-Jan-14 09:21:21

We stayed at Club Farret in Vias last summer, with DD10 and DD 5 months at time. The campsite was lovely but Vias Plage was a bit of a nothing seaside town/village, no nice restaurants etc really.
The Thomson Alfresco pitches were amazing, each one came with its own mini 'beach', handy for digging and boules, and the decking had baby gates etc so very safe.

Giraffeski Wed 08-Jan-14 09:24:55

We did ferry and drove,btw, which was hellish even though we stayed at BIL apartment in Paris for a couple of days to break journey. I think would not be so bad except we had 5 month old in car who is an awful travel cot sleeper and we live in NW so further to go this side of the channel. We shared the driving 50-50 and we were still more tired when we returned!
I think we will try to fly next time.

motherofluvlies Sun 19-Jan-14 22:35:28

We did Playa de Bara..Spain..just amazing!

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