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Has anyone been to the Jura region of France...

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millimat Thu 02-Jan-14 19:54:37

...and can recommend a good site?

Fuctifano Fri 03-Jan-14 20:30:47

We had a luvely holiday in Le Moulin, Patornay summer 2013. Pool in the morning river in the afternoon= bliss. Jura is a beautiful region and this site was a perfect base for exploring.

Some might find it rather pricey and "organised" but motoring from Scotland with 4 DDs we needed to pitch and chill.

Local produce is beautiful and little shops in the village mean you can self cater at a high standard whilst supporting local businesses, such as incredible cave in Patornay ;-).

If you have DCs Clair Vaux au Lac is short drive, with wonderful market, diving platforms on the lake. Something to suit all ages.

Gorgeous part of France with an very Alpine feel, we were in Burgundy the previous year and couldn't believe the difference an extra hour ( nothing when going that distance) made.

cheerup Sat 04-Jan-14 14:40:24

The Jura is very pretty and I would go back if the weather was right. W were there two years ago at the end of August and there was a serious cold snap - the car was reading 9 degrees c during the day. Clairvaux les Lacs was practically deserted. I would recommend camping Beauregard though. Smallish site with good facilities popular with Dutch operators and a lovely calm (and well heated) indoor pool. The restaurant does a very tasty fondue and we had a nice couple of days there despite the unseasonal weather. I remember being able to hear cowbells from our tent.

millimat Sun 09-Feb-14 22:26:45

Thanks. Going to book le fayolan as it looks such a lovely region.

Flappingandflying Wed 12-Feb-14 17:35:46

Very lovely. We stayed in a place called Rougemont but can't remember tbe name of the site but it's a castels site so will be on their website. Has a lake. Also looked round Lac de Challain which seemed very nice.

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