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Should I get a Cobb? Any offers on?

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jennimoo Fri 27-Dec-13 16:40:28

First post in camping! We're wanting to do more camping next year and have the kit we need but just a single ring burner. I always liked the look of the Cobb system, but is that the best one to get do you think? A quick scan of the board makes me think the weber BBQ is the 'mumsnet' camping cooker, is it similar?

Blu Sat 28-Dec-13 14:26:34

I haven't got a Cobb, but I am sure they are more versatile than a Weber GoAnywhere BBQ. The cobb has a pizza and frying plate, and a moat for liquid. I had Cobb on my wish list for a long time, but they are quite pricey, especially if you get all the extras - and it is the extras that make them the marvel that they are.

A couple of summers ago everyone but everyone was hankering after a cobb - I presume all the owners are v happy with them.

professorpoopsnagle Mon 30-Dec-13 13:56:25

I have a cobb, with the extras and love it. It has taken quite a bit of practice to use it to its full potential. We use it a lot as an oven, so can do oven chips, bake potatoes and pizzas which is great for the kids. We mainly use cheaper cobblestone type fuel which we get from Home bargains, 6 for £3. We have also used normal charcoal.

I agree that the extras make it versatile, without those you might as well get a cheaper BBQ. We had a good deal ages ago and got the fry plate, wok fry dish and the griddle. We use these on our gas stove when camping too, and they are a good size for a family and saves taking extras. I might get the extension this year...

jennimoo Thu 02-Jan-14 16:04:47

Thanks for the info. Lakeland seem to have a good price on the cobb and bag, but no recipe book. I think that and the roasting rack would get us started, and I have a £5 lakeland voucher too.

professorpoopsnagle Thu 02-Jan-14 17:14:21

I wouldn't recommend the recipe book anyway, we have found trial and error slightly better.

SeaShellsMyDogTrulySmells Sun 05-Jan-14 15:59:36

Quite a few of us have Cobbs and love them - they are portable because the outside remains cool - great for having young children around. You really can roast on them. The wok is great for stews/curries etc.
The only downside is you will struggle to boil water on a kettle unless you use the peak heat for that. We have a small speedy burner to boil for tea etc.

Pootlingalong Sun 05-Jan-14 16:55:50

Definitely don't need the recipe book, just experiment! If you have the roasting rack and wok you can cook most things that you would usually do on the hob or in the oven, you just need to allow plenty of time. It has revolutionised our longer camping trips because cooking proper food, especially veg, is just much easier. Is there a cobb cooking / baking challenge going this year?

YellowDinosaur Sat 18-Jan-14 11:13:13

I love my Cobb for the same reasons as seashells. You can however boil water with a ghillie kettle adaptor which also works with a Kelly kettle.

I use the same fuel as prof or Aussie heat beads if I need it to stay hot for longer.

And concur that the recipe book is shit.

However if what you will mainly be using it for is as a bbq there are better things out there. And it isn't quick to cook. But as a bbq plus oven / hob / smoker / kettle it is amazing and I'm happy to chill with a gininatin while it takes time to cook

jennimoo Sat 18-Jan-14 16:06:22

I think I'd use the cobb to its full potential, love the idea of pizza, cake, roast chicken...

I still haven't bought it but it's sat in my lakeland basket still. The£5 voucher I have lasts until next week I think...

Pootlingalong Sat 18-Jan-14 18:40:41

and yellow and I have modestly not mentioned our cobbing triumph of freshly baked scones on the beach <smug> Can't do that on a bbq. I rest my case grin

YellowDinosaur Sat 18-Jan-14 19:01:02

Oh yes those scones were indeed fab!

jennimoo Sat 18-Jan-14 19:17:30

Scones is a fabulous idea!

Pootlingalong Sat 18-Jan-14 19:21:06

Now that is the kind of response that fills me with joy! Usual response to the scones on the beach boast is "but why?" Welcome to Cobb lovers anonymous

jennimoo Sat 18-Jan-14 19:32:09

I love to cook so reckon I should join that club. Better buy my cobb!

YellowDinosaur Sun 19-Jan-14 00:36:03

Buyitbuyitbuyitbuyit grin

jennimoo Sun 19-Jan-14 05:52:40

I will place my order today smile I was planning to get the roasting rack too, will that be enough?

So, scones... Do you make them entirely at the beach or make them in advance (I think they freeze) and just cook them?

Pootlingalong Sun 19-Jan-14 08:32:09

I am sorry but that would be cheatinggrin Lemonade scones, 1 cup cold lemonade, 1 cup double cream, 3 cups self raising flour. Put it all in a bowl. Mix with a knife. Pat scones out on Cobb, think we used the bottom of a cake tin on the roasting rack. put lid on. wash hands in sea. smile

YellowDinosaur Sun 19-Jan-14 08:38:40

For the exact recipe you need pootling, but basically it's lemonade, flour and cream. we made them at the beach for maximum smug bastard points! She did the scones and I did the tea.

I've also made beer bread (flour beer and salt) which is equally easy and yum.

If you can afford to I'd get the wok. I reckon I probably use this the most. You'll be able to do most things with this plus roasting rack.

Next best frying pan to make pizza and pancakes (although I'm sure you could do this in the wok of you didn't have it) then griddle for bbq. You can manage with the regular surface for this but the griddle is flat so this stops sausages rolling off on the beach plus I think they cook a bit more evenly. Next I'd get the storm kettle adaptor. You can buy a ghillie kettle through Cobb but I wanted one a size bigger than they sold at the time (1.5l) and also got a cheap deal on a stainless steel Kelly one. The extension is another nice to have if your going to be roasting anything other than pretty small joints.

Not trying to suggest you need all these things now just thought you might appreciate the review in the future!

YellowDinosaur Sun 19-Jan-14 08:39:37

hahaha cross posts pootling grin grin [grin

YellowDinosaur Sun 19-Jan-14 08:49:11

Just started a Cobb recipe thread...

jennimoo Sun 19-Jan-14 09:23:30

Thanks for the info. I shall keep a note of that list, very useful!

And do I get cobblestones , heat beads, normal charcoal or a mixture for different purposes? And would you recommend one of those clicky lighter things?

Pootlingalong Sun 19-Jan-14 09:36:23

we just use the lokkii fuel from home bargains

YellowDinosaur Sun 19-Jan-14 09:43:05

Same as pootling. Or heat beads when I need it to stay hot for longer than a couple of hours (like roasts).

And yes most definitely to clicky long lighter. Another to tip is to put a small sliver of firelighter underneath the basket where the fuel sits, light that then replace the fuel basket with fuel in. Virtually foolproof.

jennimoo Sun 19-Jan-14 13:14:05

Well the cobb's ordered. Recipe thread is fab, hopefully I can add to it later in the year smile

And the scones look fab ;)

professorpoopsnagle Sun 19-Jan-14 15:04:31

We tend to light our small gas stove, place the lokkii on that in the fire basket and carefully lift out with tongs once alight. Some of the packs I have got from HB are initially smokier than others (and the proper cobblestones) but for the price I can live with that as I use my cobb much more.

Where is the best place to get heat beads from?

If you get a few accessories, packing them in the bag is more challenging but can be done. I place the base, invert the dome, then pack the griddle, roast rack, fry pan etc as these 'fit inside'. I then pack the wok last, upside down (with the fire basket containing a stone to the side) so the bag is flattish for packing other things on. My record is packing 8 cobblestones inside as well, by packing the firebasket up the top you can get 3 in a later elsewhere. Don't forget you can use the pan and wok on your gas stove but do watch the handles as DH broke one of ours

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