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Sleeping in a bongo in the winter...?? How cold is it...really??!?

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loubielou31 Sun 15-Dec-13 17:40:59

I'm not sure it will be that cold this year. It's really mild atm. We might be doing the same for New Years Eve.
I would say usual keeping warm tips, think PJs and a jumper, woolly socks, hot water bottles, maybe a hat. We have a fan heater that we use in the van, something like that would be a good idea, you could leave it on all night if you had to but I don't think you would. Getting up to go to the loo will be less fun though.

brightwell Tue 26-Nov-13 06:56:02

I was cold in ours late September, that was sleeping up on the deck. Have you got any heating, I've been looking at oil filled electric radiators. I would risk it, plenty of blankets, quilts, wheat pillows to warm the bed. I slept in a house in Norway with no heating when it was
-18 C.

misspollysdolly Mon 25-Nov-13 23:30:58

We are staying with my parents between Christmas and New year, but so are a number of other family members so beds are somewhat stretched. The children will be staying inside my Mum's house, but DH and I are considering sleep on the drive in our Bongo. How cold is it going to be?! Are we going to get hypothermia?? Any tips for how to keep warm....or should we find a nice warm b&b...?!?!

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