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Earlybird tickets for Green Man Festival 2014

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chicaguapa Wed 02-Oct-13 19:16:57

That's why we decided to go next year as DD will be 12 so still only £5. Seemed a good opportunity to try it out without paying loads for the DC.

We got earlybird tickets as I saw lots of requests for live in vehicle tickets this year so I didn't want to risk not getting one. We are too soft to camp in a tent. grin

We tried to drum up some interest with friends but the dates clashed with their summer holiday. Hopefully we'll make some there so DH will have someone to watch music with. Einstein's Garden is right up DC's street so we'll be there most of the time I reckon.

I know what you mean about doing the same thing each year. We usually do the Edinburgh Fringe in August so it'll be a nice change for us to do something different.

exexpat Tue 01-Oct-13 17:37:30

It's not that much more expensive - I think last year's adult tickets were £145, though of course they may go up a little this year.

The first year we went, they had sold out of teen tickets (DS turned 13 a fortnight before, but looked older, so I couldn't risk trying to sneak him in as a 12yo) so I had to buy him an adult one. That was an expensive year... But otherwise I think it is pretty good value, specially the £5 children's tickets.

hz Tue 01-Oct-13 17:03:52

I have been looking at this. We went ages ago when kids were 6 months and 3 years. I think it will be more fun now they are 8 and 6! What is the usual non-ealry bird price? Anyone know?

exexpat Tue 01-Oct-13 13:33:15

We've been to Green Man for the past three years - first two were just me & DS (then aged 13 & 14); this year me, DS (15) and DD (10). Still dithering about next year so haven't snapped up tickets today - we are wondering if, after three years, it might be time to try a different festival. In the past we have also been to Big Chill (now defunct) and Womad.

It's a lovely festival - just big enough to have lots going on all the time, small enough to be able to make it across the site between stages in ten minutes so you don't miss anything you want to see. This year they had a 'teen' area for the first time - 15yo DS and his friends were not interested (they spend all their time down at the front of the stages); DD thought some of it looked fun, but she mainly preferred the stuff going on in Einstein's Garden (sciencey/environment bit with lots of hands-on activities and a small stage with music, talks etc).

chicaguapa Tue 01-Oct-13 13:22:29

I started a thread in the summer about family friendly festivals for festival virgins and have now just bought tickets Green Man for next August.

Quite excited really! I'm not sure what to expect but I hope DC (12 & 9) will enjoy it and it's a good experience overall. We will be camping in our folding camper so we'll cope even if it's raining. <hopes not>

Did anyone else get tickets or is planning on going?

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