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Anyone have a belltent with sewn in ground sheet?

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misdee Fri 20-Sep-13 06:35:05

We do the same as sallydolittle. I considered zipped in or the other one, but just wanted to keep it simple. We have the 5000 ease.

PinkFondantFancy Fri 20-Sep-13 05:17:57

Thanks very much for your responses. I was hoping someone would say that sallydolittle as that's how I was thinking we'd do it. mummypig an extra groundsheet is a brilliant idea!

OK I think I'm going to go ahead and order it, thanks for your help ladies!

sallydolittle Thu 19-Sep-13 14:50:33

I have one and love it. (Soulpad 4m)
we have never had a problem, once the tent is dry and flat we fold it in half and leave it for about 5 mins and the top side is then normally dry, and keep doing this until it is folded. Occasionally we dry off the last spots with a tea towel but it has never been an issue.

the tent is fab, easy to put up and you can unzip the windows to get a breeze through on a hot day. (of which this summer there were loads )

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 19-Sep-13 10:12:51

I don't have one but I believe a lot of people buy an extra footprint to go under their groundsheet to avoid this being a problem.

Personally, I think if you can get one, a zipped in version might be better - that way you can take advantage of the option to roll up the sides on a hot day.

PinkFondantFancy Wed 18-Sep-13 23:48:29

How do you dry the groundsheet before you pack it away?Am considering a soulpad 5000 ease but concerned about drying it out.

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