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Am I mad

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Flappingandflying Thu 05-Sep-13 18:28:59

Ok so for the last three years we have been to an amazing campsite in Vendee. We mobile home, firstly with Keycamp, the Canvas and finally with the site. The first year we did Dover Calais crossing but subsequently have changed to o'night and longer day crossin from Portsmouth. This wacks up the price massively. The boys want to go back again as we have made friends there and youngest gets on so well with their son. Flyingboy loves it and this year they got a new chef for the restaurant and it is fabbity fab. Personally, I'm a bit fed up with campsite life and the area as we've done lots of it although not all but it's not picturesque particularly although pleasant enough.

Thing is we have a big tent. I don't really do tenting but it would be just under £1800 cheaper if we camped and I don't want to spend massive money on a holiday I'm kind of going on because the others want to go there. Am I mad to camp? The boys can each have their own smaller tents to sleep in and we can get a gazebo for outside. Fairly sure we can rent a fridge. Can you convince me I'd love it. Do you have reccomendations of stuff to buy to make life easier (we have lights, two ring cooker, stand, they have airbeds). I feel a trip to Decathalon ccoming on!

Ledkr Thu 05-Sep-13 18:33:48

Lovely. How about a heater for at night!
Porta potty
Washing up bowl

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