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German campsite recommendations

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lifeishunkydory Wed 04-Sep-13 16:15:33

Any recommendations for our summer 2014 camping trip. Wouldlike to try Germany this time, 6 of us, DS1 is 18 and may or may not come with us, DD will be 9, DS2 7 and DS3 5.
We have quite a large tunnel tent (however may take some smaller pop ups if the weather is going to be good), DH prefers EHU, I am not bothered and could possibly persuade him it isn't a problem.
Would like swimming pool but am aware a lot of the German sites have lakes, so that would be ok. Would prefer a smaller, family run site, than a big company (eg Haven) style.
Thanks smile

millimat Sun 08-Sep-13 11:28:06

We have just come back from the Black Forest after an amazing holiday. we stayed at Kirchzarten just outside Freiburg and it was fab.
Initially I was concerned as i didn't want a huge commercial site & to a certain point, this one is. It's big but has no Eurocamp, Canvas etc. We have a caravan and the pitches were'nt that big, but we booked online where you cuold see the dimensions of each pitch.
The toilets and showers in germany are immaculate!
The site doesn't have a pool but next door is a municipal pool which you use for free - four pools, lazy river, slide and diving boards!
Originally my serach included a site which had pools and also a lake or river for some sort of beach, but I struggled to fins any to match all the crteria.
My DCs (age 9 and 6) loved it and would go back again tomorrow!

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