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moving on from eurocamp, with complications of arthritis and allergies, help me kit us out please!

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denialandpanic Sat 31-Aug-13 16:16:36

We're literally just back from our second excellent eurocamp classic tent holiday and would happily continue forever to the same brittany campsite. It's obviously a lot cheaper to book direct with the campsite and use own kit etc once set up.I can't criticise eurocamp at all I just think a lot if what you pay for we don't need anymore (courier, flexible locations, not needing to have own kit).

The only drawback is we can't eat out due to allergies and I have severe arthritis.Therefore the things I will miss most are eurocamp camp beds and the fridge.

I reckon I can replicate the eurocamp experience with buying the following over time and we hope to camp more in the UK

decent six person tunnel type tent
small gas bbq and gas cooker
roof rack and bike rack for car to accommodate extra stuff
folding table and chairs (we never use their loungers etc)
ehu kit

where I'm stuck is what tent to buy? what to best replace the camp beds with for my arthritic ness and what's the closest camping equivalent to a fridge that is small enough that we can all fit in a normal family car!

it won't pay itself all back in first year but at our chosen campsite booking solo is about fifty quid a night cheaper and we would happily go there for years we love it that much.

am I nuts? is this doable without a trailer? Will I ever replicate the lovely beds? what do people who really need to cook use for food storage? has anyone done this?

hotbot Sat 31-Aug-13 17:16:13

Have yuo asked if they will let you rent fridge and bed?

MissWimpyDimple Sat 31-Aug-13 18:19:42

You might get it all in if you have a roof box. Maybe find out what the campsite rents out. Euro camp won't rent equipment to you though.

denialandpanic Sat 31-Aug-13 18:26:33

I thought the camp site rented fridges (saw a couple that looked like they were left out for pick up when people leaving) but no mention on website, so maybe they just hadn't packed them yet. I might e mail them.we definitely need new UK camping gear as we have had a year where weekend tent has givenve up the ghost and air bed burst etc.I'm currently having great fun pricing tents and kit versus the two weeks we would book on eurocamp.the sensible option would be to build up our equipment and do one more year of eurocamp while we build our confidence but I'm all over excitedgrin

denialandpanic Sat 31-Aug-13 18:29:09

we're getting a roof box anyway,dp wanted one this year.we'll also have bikes next year as kids getting bigger will be five and seven next year. I don't think we could handle bikes, roof box and trailersad

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