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We're going to S. France with Canvas holidays - what do I need to take?

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Snowgirl1 Thu 29-Aug-13 14:56:22

We're staying in a mobile home and have booked the bedlinen package. Is there anything I need to take with me that isn't provided? Tea-towels?

AtAmber Thu 29-Aug-13 14:59:10

We were in the South of France a few weeks ago. We hired bath towels but took beach towels and tea towels. Which site are you going to?

Snowgirl1 Thu 29-Aug-13 15:26:09

AtAmber we're going to Camping Marseillan Plage: Les Mediterranees. Where did you go? I had a feeling we'd need tea towels. We're hiring bath towels. We'll take beach towels and I might take a small towel to use as a bath mat as I don't think we had the option to hire them at that site.

Must remember to take my headtorch. Anything else recommended? Haven't stayed on a campsite for years!

inthisdayandage Thu 29-Aug-13 15:28:58

A decent tin opener if you think you will eat any cans. Ime the ones provided never work. Dish clothes handy. Loo rolls.

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 29-Aug-13 15:34:13

When we went to a mobile home a couple of years ago, we had to leave it clean and tidy but as there were no cleaning materials to speak of we had to buy a surface spray and ant-bac floor and surface wipes to do the job to a decent standard. Might be worth packing this sort of stuff just in case it isn't there. No point forking out when you get there.

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 29-Aug-13 15:35:10

There was a mop and a brush provided btw but just not the cleaning sprays etc.

AtAmber Thu 29-Aug-13 15:51:05

We stayed at Pachacaid which is about 10 miles inland from St Tropez. Are you flying or driving? We flew and hired a car, so couldn't take too much with us.

dreamingofsun Thu 29-Aug-13 17:54:11

we used canvas a few years ago and there was no need to clean it before you left as the company did it.

you will need things like insect repellant. buckets and spades and toys you may well find in the canvas reception caravan

dreamingofsun Thu 29-Aug-13 17:56:04

do you know what the rules are ref swimming trunks/shorts in the pool? i always take a local map because there are so many nice places you can find off the beaten track.

Snowgirl1 Fri 30-Aug-13 09:39:26

Thank you everyone! We're getting the Eurostar to Avignon then picking up a hire car so don't have the weight restrictions of a flight, but will still be a bit limited in what we can pack but I've added loo roll, tin opener, wipes and dish clothes to the list. Insect repellant and bucket & spade on the list. Got a map and DH has his budgie smugglers for the pool grin

itwillgetbettersoon Fri 30-Aug-13 19:31:23

A sharp knife as they are usually blunt and I also take a chopping board as I dislike the blue glass ones they always supply. Yes tea towels, washing up liquid etc.

Flappingandflying Thu 05-Sep-13 18:18:47

Chopping board a must and a decent veg knife. Pack of wipes and tea towels. Bath mat is very useful. A folding box which you can then use to put by the door for shoes is good. That way the muck doesn't get trodden in. French supermarkets are very good so just buy cheap stuff there.

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