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Just So Festival - not bothering again.

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seventhchild Mon 26-Aug-13 10:34:51

I'm saving my money for other festivals and trips next year, We've gone to Just So for a few years because it's just down the road and we sort of feel that we should, but I'd rather drive a squillion miles to Bestival, which we love, than stagger out of the Just So field feeling like I've been mugged, again.

Ran out of materials on the craft areas half way through the day. Staff snappy and rude. Pricing ridiculous. Activities Meh. Most frequently heard phrases from DC: "this is a long queue" "can we go now?" "my wellie has come off".

Next year I'll just tear up some tenners in a muddy puddle while the DC play with a twig.

SalomeD Mon 26-Aug-13 11:16:14

Sorry to say but I don't think we'll be returning either - and I've been a staunch supporter of Just So on here.

I think it may have quite a bit to do with the age of my son - there just aren't many options for non-pre school children. Although he loved the circus skills (fab - thanks to Neil and his team), music tent (thank you Musica, you're brilliant) and the Picture Palace (hope to see Alice & Rosie again, somewhere) there just didn't seem to be much else to grab his attention so it feels like a lot of dosh to dish out just to spend the weekend doing the same as last year.

Luckily I didn't encounter any rude/snappy staff but they didn't seem to be very clued up either and I overheard a lot of people moaning about poor organisation.

what a pity!

ArabellaBeaumaris Wed 28-Aug-13 19:33:15

Ooh. I spent the day at Just So having resisted it for years & was impressed, was thinking about going for the weekend next year. Might think again!

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