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Pegs - yawn...

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MummyPigsFatTummy Wed 21-Aug-13 00:36:29

Just back from Eweleaze where our tent pegs were severely put to the test. They are a sad collection of the prehistoric, the bent and the flimsy. As we are off to France soon, we would like a brand spanking new set of top quality hurricane and English weather-resistant pegs to replace them. However, I have no idea what the best ones would be for our needs. We have a bell tent (so need quite a few) and would like a few delta pegs to scatter round for added security, but what are the best multi-purpose pegs for our main pitching needs?

If you have read this far, many thanks and congratulations on your tenacity in the face of a mind-numbingly tedious thread, and I should be grateful for any pearls of wisdom you can throw my way.

shirazplease Wed 21-Aug-13 11:01:02

Hellooo MPFT! We just got back from France last night. Was amazing! Whereabouts are you off to? I asked the peg question a while ago and was recommended these

However, ground was perfectly fine in the Vendée, and we ended up using our normal ones, came in great at Camp Bestival where the ground was solid though.

Now back to laundry Everest and piles of cr@p. Wail

MummyPigsFatTummy Wed 21-Aug-13 11:19:52

Hi Shiraz. Those pegs you linked to look perfect - thanks. I will get DH onto it tonight (he is the controller of the Go Outdoors discount card).

We are off to near Perpignan to this site:

Can't wait - so excited. We are taking advantage of our last year of no school and going in September so hopefully the weather will still be nice so far south.

Where did you go in the Vendee? Did you have lovely weather?

I am facing the post-Eweleaze washing mountain tonight - not looking forward to that so I don't envy you.

shirazplease Wed 21-Aug-13 15:41:03

We were here Domaine des Forges absolutely loved it. Weather was gorgeous, only had 2 drizzly days in 14. Was bitterly cold at night though? Thankfully we still had thick pjs, grobags, duvets etc from Camp Besti, otherwise we'd have been frozen. Warmed up to about 30 in the day.

Good on you for taking advantage of pre school holiday freedom, going to be a long time before we get to do that again!

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