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So how do you tell how much gas you've got left?

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MaryMotherOfCheeses Mon 19-Aug-13 21:41:19

And why have they not invented some kind of device which tells you?

How much does a canister cost? Iirc it was £15 to hire the thing and £15 to fill up with gas.

MrsBottesini Tue 20-Aug-13 00:22:10

cant find youtube clipblush
see I am not a fully paid up geek grin
Is this any help?

MaryMotherOfCheeses Tue 20-Aug-13 21:47:11

Thanks MrsB.

I need to have a good look at what I've got but that looks helpful.

Sorry for delay in responding, have been at work. Roll on weekend, eh smile

Milliways Wed 21-Aug-13 23:10:34

Our motor home came with 2 large calor gas tanks. We swapped one for a refillable safefill tank and its fab. You get a clear strip along the length do can see how much is left, and when running low take it to the nearest garage that has LPG and refill it yourself for a fraction if the cost. I hope they will make smaller bottles soon for tent campers.

chicaguapa Fri 23-Aug-13 13:51:45

You can buy a pen that tells you how full the bottle is. DH has one at school which he uses in lessons, but I don't know what for. It uses ultrasound I think.

I can't add a link at the moment, but it's called a Dometic Gas Checker.

MrsShrek3 Sun 25-Aug-13 00:43:46

a pen? ultrasound? witchcraft? confused
tell me more. please!!

chicaguapa Sun 25-Aug-13 21:47:05

It just sends an ultrasound signal through the bottle and you move up (or down) the bottle to find the level that the gas is at. I've asked DH and he says no magic is involved. grin

Gas checker pen

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