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Any ways to add bug screens to older tent doorways?

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Onwardsandsideways Fri 23-Aug-13 19:50:07

Thanks - I'll try Lidl & Aldi, & if no luck order some!

Pixel Fri 23-Aug-13 18:58:13

Lucky, I bought the ALDI version last year so that I could sort out a fly screen on our tent the next time it was up. Yes I remembered to take it with me this week, no I didn't remember scissors. Oh well, maybe next year!

fossil971 Mon 19-Aug-13 12:42:03

You can buy that bug screen fabric by the metre. I have a few metres lurking with good intentions to make a big screen for our tent porch.

I think I found it in black but this is the sort of thing. If you don't want to sew zips/Velcro you could probably get creative with bits of elastic to secure it onto the guying points.

Lucky13 Mon 19-Aug-13 06:54:14

Lidl do insect mesh and provide a self adhesive strip with velcro on it. Depends on how wide your door is, but you do cut it to size.

SellbyDate Mon 19-Aug-13 06:27:47

Not sure but you can buy a spray which you spray all over the outside canvas of your tent. It is brilliant at keeping flies away and only needs doing once a year.

Otherwise try google or go to a fabric shop and make something perhaps?

Onwardsandsideways Sun 18-Aug-13 21:09:30

We have a fabulous Outdoor Revolution Starcamper 4 tent which has only one drawback - the doors don't have bug screens to keep the flying beasties out on a hot day (like today!). Are there any 'stick on' lightweight mesh panels on the market, do ya know?

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