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Campsites on the Channel Islands?

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4yoniD Wed 21-Aug-13 12:08:22

Yes condor ferries also do jersey day trips, but watch the times - it varies with the tide but some day trips are more hour trips, while sometimes you get your full day.

Tommy Tue 20-Aug-13 23:20:55

thank you 4yoniD - I guess we could camp on Guernsey and ferry over to Jersey with bikes for a day trip?
I've been to Jersey (on guide camp 30 years ago shock!) but not done Guernsey. I have a friend whose from there and his family are still there so could be good for emergency cups of tea smile

4yoniD Tue 20-Aug-13 22:15:36

And btw, the ferry is at in case that helps!

(also clickable links!

4yoniD Tue 20-Aug-13 22:14:02

Hello <waves from Guernsey> Sorry I'm a bit late.

Fauxquet campsite in Guernsey is lovely. Plenty of clean (but old) loos and showers, swimming pool, play area, indoor games room, small shop, croissants to order for breakfast, free pick-your-own herbs, farm to look around....

It's not central but campsites aren't.

I've stayed there twice (counts.... actually three times I think).

Of course Jersey has more to do - like the zoo, and so on. Depends what you like doing. There are a few campsites but I have never been to any of them. I'm fairly new to this camping lark. I thought about squeezing in a late trip to jersey and was liked the look of Rozel Campsite, but it's soooo much packing when you have little kids, I wimped out.


Tommy Mon 19-Aug-13 09:57:31

thank you ineedmorepatience - the ferries can't be more than to France (£800 last week shock) surely?!
Will look online for the campsites - it's nice to have some personal recommendation too though

Ineedmorepatience Sun 18-Aug-13 22:30:20

camping of course blush

Ineedmorepatience Sun 18-Aug-13 22:29:08

I did my very first holiday without my parents camoing in Guernsey when I was 17 [a really long time ago] We went by train and ferry and carried all our clothes and a massive canvas tent between 3 of us.

Had the time of our lives and absolutely loved it.

Had my uncle living on the island at the time to keep an eye on us, he was very worried about us especially when he found us eating fishfinger sandwiches one night. LOL

Hope you find somewhere nice, there are 3 campsites on Guernsey now apparently but dont know what they are like. I do know that the ferries cost a lot!!

Happy camping smile

Tommy Sun 18-Aug-13 20:35:21

no island campers around today then?!

Tommy Sun 18-Aug-13 18:54:02

Any recommendations for nice sites on Jersey or Guernsey? I can't find any in the archives and no-one I and I would like to find an alternative.
Thanks smile

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