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Help me Find A New Tent...

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LondonSuperTrooper Mon 02-Sep-13 12:16:46

We've just bought an Outwell Nevada and it's fab! We camped for 7 night on top off a cliff and it coped beautifully with the high winds. We are a family of 3 (me, DH & DS 6) and had ample space.

hotbot Sun 01-Sep-13 23:00:18

No , ours is fine

scrappydappydoo Sun 01-Sep-13 21:19:41

Those with the outwells - is the polycotton difficult to dry? We don't have a lot of drying space and dh thinks that it will be like canvas taking ages to dry off?
We're going to go look at some kampa tents next week

hotbot Sat 31-Aug-13 17:13:40

Another vote for an outwell, we have a medium with large prporch byput you get get a porch and buy the Xl version. Absol. Fine in really high winds and awful rain in wales

Fairypants Sat 31-Aug-13 16:52:07

I have the vango Maritsa 700. It is v stable and have not had probs in high winds and torrential rain. Loads of space etc.
however, it has steel poles which are therefore v heavy so not great if you have to carry it any distance (I'm thinking if you don't park near camping area at festival.

littlemissnormal Sat 31-Aug-13 16:47:10

That Carbis looks great! There are 5 of us, would you say it's spacious enough?

Southsearocks Sat 31-Aug-13 16:36:44

Just bought and used the Kampa Carbis 5. Huge, lovely, got lots of interest from other campers. We love it!

WithASpider Sat 31-Aug-13 16:10:18

We have a Vango Calisto 500 ( 5 of us) and it's awesome. No fiddling to get it in a tiny bag either! I'm fairly certain you can get it in a 6 or 7 man version, and you can definitely get a porch extension for it.

We put it up for the first time in a pitch black campsite near Calais last year.took us 20 mins. Easiest tent ever.

jungletoes Sat 31-Aug-13 16:02:11

We've an Outwell Hartford xl. Three bedrooms, massive lounge and sleeps 8. It takes an hour to put up but it's fabulous.

littlemissnormal Sat 31-Aug-13 15:52:17

Our friends have got the outwell Montana and its fab.

Our regatta broke after its third short outing so we're also in the market for a new one. I was looking at the Kampa Cromer 8; this one

They are good tents then?

FriendofDorothy Fri 30-Aug-13 23:11:35

We have a Kampa Croyde. Spacious, robust bd easy to put up. Win win. We love it.

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Fri 30-Aug-13 23:05:43

We have gone for the Outwell Montana 6P - reduced from £800 to £437 in Go Outdoors. Its going to be a long week waiting to try it out. Just hoping the sunshine makes a comeback.....

SparkyUK Tue 27-Aug-13 23:53:08

I can vouch for the Samara. We had one and it was ROBUST and very spacious. Plenty of room for everyone to have his or her own space.

maturenanny Tue 27-Aug-13 12:19:40

Ps selling a vango samara 600 with extension, footprint and carpet hehe!!

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Sun 25-Aug-13 16:31:47

We are looking at upgrading from our Hi Gear Rock 5 and are looking at the Kampa Croyde, Vango Monte Verde 700, Outwell Montana, the Vango Samara 600 and Vango Calisto 600 xl..... among others!

Ambersmummy Sat 24-Aug-13 16:42:33

We have a Kampa Filey 6 - absolutely amazing tent. Easily able to stand up in it, very robust in windy weather, darkened bedroom area (my 5 year old sleeps in very late in the mornings when we're camping), front covered bit where you can cook and you can buy a canopy to close in the front too. It is a big tent but we love it!

maturenanny Sat 24-Aug-13 15:55:56

Vango samara 600...we also have a Coleman event shelter which is far superior than a gazebo.
Try the vango Maritsa 700, also has a porch with sig

Good luck!

scrappydappydoo Sun 18-Aug-13 13:31:34

Yes - looked at that one but thought the porch canopy was bit small - I like the broadhaven as you open up the porch completely or close it up in bad weather but I think that was posibly a little big and am unsure about its ability to withstand the wind..

Mum2Fergus Fri 16-Aug-13 18:26:31

I'm considering the Kampa Croyde 6 at the moment...fits most of your bill too I think...

scrappydappydoo Fri 16-Aug-13 17:47:17

So our tent has just had its last outing - leaking and generally worn through so have to look for a new one. Although not sure it exists..

There are 4 of us but we like space - space for living and sleeping
We would love to get one with a huge attached canopy to cook in as we have lost countless gazebos to the elements.
We do a festival every year which is on top of a very windy hill so it must be extremely robust and very waterproof
Must have a SIG and be able to stand up in it
Don't like bell tents (sorry I know that's against mn rules wink) and would need convincing on a tunnel tent as I've seen too many succumb to the wind but maybe they were just crappy ones.
I like the look of the vango diablo but the canopy is a bit too small.
Looking at something around £3-400 mark but cheaper would be excellent.
So c'mon campers do your best - what would suit us?

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