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Buying a secondhand tent - what do I need to check?

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Cocktailsorcakes Thu 15-Aug-13 08:35:07


I'm buying a secondhand tent so that we can all go camping and see if we like it (& if the kids sleep at all) without spending loads.

Is there anything I should check when I go to pick it up & pay? Or is it considered bad manners to ask to see everything?


Mandy21 Thu 15-Aug-13 08:43:26

The difficulty is that if its a family tent, even if you get it out of the bag (and its likely to be very big) then you're not going to be in a position to look at every square inch of it to check there are no tears / broken zips etc. Where are you thinking of buying one from? We bought one from Preloved, advertised as brand new, owners had bought it (apparently) in the end of season sale because it was a bargain but had never actually used it. To be fair, it was new but it was faulty - the zips for the internal bedrooms were broken. Its not a massive deal - we can get them so they're fastened within 10-15cm but can't get them completely fastened. I wouldn't have seen this even if I'd spent a couple of hours examining it when I went to collect it (in someone's front room!) - it only became apparent when we first put it up. I suppose there are other issues too (such as the waterproofing) that you'll never really know until you actually camp in the rain!

I think its part and parcel of buying 2nd hand - thats the risk you take. Just ask lots of questions, if you're buying from Ebay, check out feedback etc to see if they have good feedback etc.

Mum2Fergus Thu 15-Aug-13 11:29:38

May depend where/who you are buying from? Ideally you want to make sure all poles are there and in good condition, pegs and guys you can replace easily enough should you need to. Depending on seller they might erect for you to check the canvas over? I sold one on EBay last year and took the time out to erect while buyer was there, let them have good look around them show them best way to pack it all up, which they appreciated.

CatsAndTheirPizza Thu 15-Aug-13 12:46:31

If you just want to buy a tent to see if you like camping, you could do worse than just buying this 6 man Coleman currently half price at £39.99. It is quite spacious (would sleep 5 fairly large people quite comfortably - but no space left over for bags etc which you could keep in the car). We have just got one for camping in the garden rather than proper camping here

If you do get a second hand one, maybe check out if you can still get spare poles.

CatsAndTheirPizza Thu 15-Aug-13 12:47:54

Rubbish picture on the BCH website btw - it is taller than it looks - about 6 feet.

Cocktailsorcakes Sun 18-Aug-13 07:22:10

Thanks guys,

We are picking it up today so will see if we can have it put up, if not will see what we can check and report back.

The tent you linked to catsandtheirpizza is great but we wanted one with separated bedrooms. The tent we found has these (we think!) and is only £20 so we thought worth a try.

Cocktailsorcakes Sun 18-Aug-13 19:58:38

Ok. The tent was in its bag and we were in a rush so I just checked that the tent, poles, canopy poles and pegs were there.

The guy did offer to let me look at it but after the advice on here (that only seeing it up and checking eberything would spot all possible problems), and as I had checked the photos on the website REALLY thoroughly and as we were in a hurry I didnt check anymore.

We put the tent up straight away and it is exactly as described/shown in pics. Nothing is missing, damaged or dirty.

I do think we were pretty lucky and if I buy another tent secondhand I would always ask to see it erect (especially if I was spending more money).

Thanks for your help

Mum2Fergus Sun 18-Aug-13 20:06:11

Ah great stuff...have you a trip planned for it yet?

Cocktailsorcakes Mon 19-Aug-13 13:48:44

Trying to fit one in before DS goes to school... We have left it late but checking out sites now!!

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