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Bell Tents - Pukka vs SoulPad

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countrymummy13 Tue 13-Aug-13 14:18:16

Hi All

So we found a big hole in our Kyham tent this week. And DH has managed to convince me that a bell tent is the way to go.

We've narrowed the search down to either SoulPad or Pukka. Pukka are undeniably higher spec, but also £100 more expensive.

I just wondered if anyone has a Pukka tent and if they think it's worth the extra ££.

Also been put off SoulPad a bit as I've left 2 messages and 1 email asking to visit show room but had no reply. hmm

Any thoughts gratefully received!


shaynie1 Wed 29-Jun-16 14:27:42

Hi there.... I noticed your dilemma between Souped or Pukka Bell tents... I am currently pondering the very same.. I would love to know which one you went for and what you think?
Thank you!

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