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Beautiful Days 2013 anyone?

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TheresOnlyOneWayOfLife Sun 04-Aug-13 00:26:54

We do Beautiful Days festival every year with DS's who are now 12, 9 & 4 yrs, they love it and it's now part of their summer holiday routine smile

Apart from a Levellers mad (still) husband, it's fantastic for the kids, so much to keep them busy and a fab family vibe throughout the weekend.

Am always looking for more kid friendly camping hints as we're learning each year as we go along, especially with the meals..fed up with the same old sausage & bean menu!

All suggestions gratefully received grin

TheresOnlyOneWayOfLife Wed 28-Aug-13 23:11:37

Meant to say ear defenders for little ones essential, your evening will last much longer!

TheresOnlyOneWayOfLife Wed 28-Aug-13 22:57:31

Hi London,

Haven't forgotten you, hopefully can help you out with some answers smile

1) Parking to camping this year was very good, we camped in what we believe was family camping (site had moved round a bit this year I think but there was still loads of kids around so must have got it right) anyway it was about a 10 min at most walk from car to tent for us.

2) We have a wagon which doubles up as transport for the evening for youngest DS (4) and we use this to ferry stuff back & forth. Other stuff is in camping rucksacks, bags and we just load everyone up and do a few trips.
Others use wheelbarrows and trolleys like you get in warehouses (think you can get them in Argos, b&q etc)..saw someone use a car trailer this year smile

3) We always camp near(ish) to loos for late night dashes, this year we were literally 2 mins away but far enough away if you get my drift!
Have to say that Andy Loos who look
after the BD's site are magnificent and they are the best loos I've seen at a festival.
Showers were about 5 mins away though we tend to manage without and survive on wet wipe and soap and water washes!

4) The main site is about a 10 min walk from family camping though you pass other stalls and stages on the way so can take a bit longer as you get distracted, do-able for little people Slight incline for a pushchair/trolley on way back.

5) We have a wagon which is like an old Wild West wagon with a canopy, DS3 normally goes in there with a pillow & duvet when he's had enough and has lasted back to the tent at the end of the night (1130-12am)
12 & 9 year old carry on, we're
normally done by 11-1130pm.
We put out a blanket by the main stage area and I always take lots of glow sticks & bubbles (pound shop) and they run around with them for ages while we watch the main stage. We go with friends and their kids and they all run round together. Don't worry about being on your own, everyone is very friendly and you get chatting to your 'neighbours'
There's always room to find a comfortable spot to watch the bands and to keep an eye on the kids.

I haven't been to Camp Bestival so can't compare to BD's, I know friends who've been and have come to BD's the next year instead if that helps?

Hope that's useful, maybe we'll see you in Devon next year grin

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 23-Aug-13 09:42:26

And in your opinion which is the best family festival for a first time experience? BD or Camp Bestival?

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 23-Aug-13 09:40:06

I've just been on the website for Beautiful Days.It looks really good and I may be tempted to venture into the unknown of family festivals. I'm really tempted to go for 2014 but my worries are:

1. Parking and lugging our stuff onto the camping field - do you have a long walk to the family field from the car park?
2. What did you use to carry your stuff in from the car park to your camping spot?
3. How far did you have to walk to the loos or showers?
4. Is the main event site far from the family camping field?
5. How did you cope with your DC's when going to the evening entertainment?

Please can anyone help me out with the above queries? Also we will most likely be going alone as none of our friends camp. Will we be OK or feel like billy no mates?!

TheFowlAndThePussycat Thu 22-Aug-13 22:20:58

My kids loved the rise and shine sessions in the theatre tent, and the Punch and Judy was a big hit.

I loved Arrested Development and Imelda May and the Staves were wicked too.

See you there next year Shiraz grin

shirazplease Thu 22-Aug-13 20:51:26

Thanks all, seems like a v doable option for us next summer.

TheresOnlyOneWayOfLife Thu 22-Aug-13 20:26:52

Tickets prices were as Fowl says apart from under 5's were a fiver if I remember.

We camped near the tipis, quiet & friendly as always, cooked outside tent morning and evenings. Our kids were the ones busking, they gave half their earnings to the RSPB stall and divided the rest between them at the sweet stall!

Loved the kids section, loads to do and keep them busy. The random acts walking around like the big light puppets and the head in the jar the kids adored..and the Free Hugs man was a big hit!
We missed loads but made it up to the Bimble Inn for once! The older ones liked the theatre tent and they small ones loved the storytelling tent.

Music was great this year and the fireworks was the best show in all the years we've been going.

Think we're getting tickets early too, then we can get excited all over again grin

TheFowlAndThePussycat Wed 21-Aug-13 21:56:19

Ticket prices were £120 for adults, £20 or £30 I think for 5-10 yr olds and free or £10 for under fives I think. Sorry rubbish memory - someone will be along to correct me soon!

TheFowlAndThePussycat Wed 21-Aug-13 21:53:19

We did Camp Bestival 2 yrs ago and BD was so much better - much more relaxed, much much less commercial, more fun!

The camping was fine - similar to CB but we didn't do camping plus, so can't compare really. Was quiet and friendly, you can cook at your tent. The whole site is smaller so we were closer to both parking and the stages etc. There aren't many showers though.

We did love CB the year we went - but I wouldn't choose it over BD next year. smile

shirazplease Wed 21-Aug-13 21:37:33

OK, this all sounds v interesting. We did Camp Besti this year, but the line up was pretty pants and it's so very VERY expensive.

One of the things that sells Camp Besti to me, is the whole camping plus thing. What's the camping at Beautiful Days like?

What are the ticket prices? They've gone off the website now?

TheFowlAndThePussycat Wed 21-Aug-13 19:07:22

We had such a great time - kids were so happy and excited, everyone so friendly and welcoming to kids, we got to see loads of great bands - didn't break the bank. It really couldn't have been better.

I really loved the things like the smiley face men & fairies on stilts etc - made it quite magical for the kids. The umbrella jellyfish were great!

Total convert - definitely back next year (might book tickets this week grin)

What were your highlights?

TheresOnlyOneWayOfLife Tue 20-Aug-13 08:48:55

Took us an hour to get out of car park but the view was lovely!
Amazing weekend, got festival blues now hmm
Feet aching, face aching from laughing, stuff everywhere but SO going back next year kids would never forgive me.

Fowl so happy you had a great BD's time, same time next year? wink

Off to pack the animals attire away...

TheFowlAndThePussycat Mon 19-Aug-13 23:04:07

Woohoo! Just got back (1.5 hrs to get out of car park - so feel privileged). We had the best time. Loved loved loved it! Hope you did too OneWay. Will definitely be back next year smile

TheresOnlyOneWayOfLife Thu 15-Aug-13 11:02:54

Flash, always next year grin

Thanks for all the food tips we are on way now with enough to keep us going (they've started diving in the bags already)

Safe travels to anyone on their way smile

flashheartscanoe Wed 14-Aug-13 17:58:55

just got back from camping and feeling bereft- read this thread and got really excited about a last minute dash to BD (always wanted to go) to find its SOLD OUT.
very sad.
P.S Do porridge for breakfast- sets them all up for the day and doesnt need cold milk. Freeze a bottle of the cravendale stuff and it will last until Monday morning.

WeAreSeven Wed 14-Aug-13 14:08:17

Don't get the pancake shakey-bakey from Aldi.
It does NOT do what it says on the bottle.
My sister remcommended french toast when I told her about it and it would have been so much better!

TheresOnlyOneWayOfLife Wed 14-Aug-13 07:43:17

Dame I remember that mud..was 5 months pregnant and up to my knees in it..we managed to get out the car park by paying the tractor man and showing him my bump (now 4) but our friends were still there at 6pm!

Packet cous cous def on the list smile

DameDeepRedBetty Wed 07-Aug-13 10:54:18

Haven't done BD since the 13 Hours To Get Out of the Car Park Disaster, a few years ago. Quite a lot of our friends still regularly go though, and they assure me the parking situation is far more organised these days.

Cheap food easily cooked - packet cous cous!

TheFowlAndThePussycat Wed 07-Aug-13 10:49:20

Takver - I would totally be up for a gardening-related workshop!

TheFowlAndThePussycat Wed 07-Aug-13 10:48:27

Thanks OneWay, I'm really looking forward to it - we'll definately head for the family field when we get there.

Wracking my brain for animal costumes now - we have a Rudolph the red nosed reindeer from last Christmas grin.

Is the food good? It was great at CB, but sooo expensive we are planning on cooking for ourselves much more at BD but it would be nice not to have to make every meal...

Hope you have a great time!

Takver Mon 05-Aug-13 19:08:25

I like the Green Gathering a lot, its really small and is definitely about the festival & not 'name' bands (as in, there aren't any!). Its very child friendly, and I am unquestionably core demographic as a middle-aged hippy type grin

Workshop is gardening related (I was in the transition zone) which I don't think outs me too much . . .

TheresOnlyOneWayOfLife Mon 05-Aug-13 17:53:02

Free is always good!
GG is on my list to do, I'm looking at a different festie experience each year along with BD's and I like the sound of Buddahfield as well though don't think I'd be able to convince DH to part with his cider for a whole festival.

Am intrigued as to what workshop you do!!

Takver Mon 05-Aug-13 14:32:16

Not going (just got back from the Green gathering) but thinking it might be a nice one for another year. Otherwise was wondering about Buddhafield - I rather like the idea of a alcohol/drug free festival having just realised I drunk one half pint of cider in the last 4 days . . . grin

Disadvantage of BD is that I can get free tickets for the GG and I strongly suspect for Buddhafield by running workshops, but I'm not sure they want my sort of thing at Beautiful days!

TheresOnlyOneWayOfLife Mon 05-Aug-13 13:10:20


Thanks for replying, here's hoping we have some of that lovely sunshine in a few weeks time smile

BD's is great for the little ones, loads to do from early doors lots of making and doing, circus stuff, performing etc They do story telling for bedtime which is fab and really magical listening & sitting round the trees It's a lovely family focused festival which is what we were looking for and has got a nice safe vibe. My boys have been going since they were toddlers and the eldest takes himself off exploring with his friends now and meets us later!

We always go in the family camping bit which is the nearest to the car park. The site is a bit hilly going in and out of the family camping and main area but do-able even in the mud.
Loads of toilets which are regularly cleaned which is always good.
Sunday dress up is almost compulsory (though DH refuses to play) and almost anything goes!

I've not been to Camp Bestival but friend of mine took her 9 & 6 yr old last year and they both said they liked BD's more, more relaxed they said?!
We did Bearded Theory this year which was like a mini BD's and was great.

If you need any more info just shout, have a wonderful time grin

TheFowlAndThePussycat Sun 04-Aug-13 22:31:03

Hello! Beautiful Days newcomers here - we'll be there with 2dds 5 & 4. Really looking forward to it - we had an amazing time at Camp Bestival 2 yrs ago, but we're hoping Beautiful Days might be a bit more chilled - plus the music is very much up my street!

Do people do costumes for the theme on Sunday?

As for food no very earth-shattering ideas I'm afraid, we are pasta with everything types. Was thinking I might try pancakes instead of bacon for every breakfast this time.

Tell me more about it? What is there for the kids?

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