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Camping breakfast

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Curlybrunette Fri 26-Jul-13 23:08:17

Hey everyone,

We are camping at Y Not Festival next weekend and I'm starting to think of the things I need to buy. Dh and kids will be happy with cereal for breakfast but I'm not such a cereal fan, especially if the milk is any warmer than ice cold vom so I am thinking of no cook breakfast things. We normally do bacon butties etc. when camping but have decided to try minimal cooking this time. We find at festivals sometimes it's really hard to clean the pans properly so feel like they're a bit minging by the end of the weekend.

Anyway, I think I'll make a batch of cheese and bacon/courgette muffins for the first day. Can you think of anything else I could do. I tend to be more savoury in the morning than sweet, I might get some pain au chocolats but they'll probably be eaten as a mid morning snack!

If there's any other no cook meal ideas they'd also be greatly appreciated.


YellowDinosaur Sat 27-Jul-13 09:51:20

Have you tried putting a bit of water in the pans while they're still on the heat for a min or so? I do a bit of wild camping where there isn't any washing up facilities and find that a combination of this and wipes means they're clean enough?

Of you don't fancy it how about croissants? Ready made pancakes? Fruit / granola and yoghurt?

YellowDinosaur Sat 27-Jul-13 09:53:01

Sorry missed the savoury preference.... Cheese and ham croissants?

Wolfcub Sat 27-Jul-13 10:05:06

you could make savoury chelsea buns, really nice with bacon and gruyere and a little mustard for the grown ups

Mum2Fergus Sat 27-Jul-13 22:03:57

Muffins, croissants, cereal bars...

Beamur Sat 27-Jul-13 22:05:06

Shop? Cafe? grin

sarahrippon Sat 27-Jul-13 22:41:23

i`ve discovered the just add water porridge pots in tesco! fab!!!!

dufflefluffle Sat 27-Jul-13 22:46:31

Make flapjacks and replace some of the oats with seeds and dried fruit - very nutritious and will keep you going. I freeze the milk before we go so it has defrosted but might still be cold next morn.

Iaintdunnuffink Sun 28-Jul-13 12:01:21

If you like porridge then the pots you just add boiling water to are great. I make a cheese sandwich and gently fry it, don't cut it I half before frying!

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