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Smelly IceyTek!

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MegBusset Fri 19-Jul-13 13:12:28

My Iceytek has gone really stinky since last time we used it (and no, I didn't leave any old food in it!). What can I use to de-stink it? I have cleaned with anti-bac spray but it still smells.

shirazplease Fri 19-Jul-13 13:17:22

I think I used bicarb to clean my Coleman after some salmon leaked into it. It honked! Soon sorted it out though

TheRealMBJ Fri 19-Jul-13 18:34:34

Bicarb and vinegar. Sprinkle linpberally with bicarb. Leave for a couple of hours, then wash add a half water half white spirit (just the cheaperst yu can find really) vinegar solution and swill all around. Leave for at least 10 minutes. Rinse out.

If you want rid of any vinegary odour (if there is any) just wash out with fairy liquid solution

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