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Keeping 16month old safe

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Ponyphysio Thu 18-Jul-13 21:45:29

Thanks for that AnotherStitch. I've just had surgery on my ankle so he's quicker than me at the moment, and I'm so frightened of him with cars etc (a colleagues child died on a campsite, so I'm totally neurotic). But he wants to do things on his own and I don't want to stifle that either!

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 18-Jul-13 21:21:14

Reins for walks, they feel more independent when you are not holding their hand. The wind break idea sounds good for when you don't want to be constantly running after him.

Have a selection of favoured toys/activities on hand to keep him occupied. A big plastic bowl of water with some plastic cups, spoons and a mini watering can/teapot keeps my 16 month old occupied for a while. Blocks for building, some vehicles (make a ramp out of a tray), sticks and large stones and a bucket to put them in, metal saucepans and a spoon.

curlew Thu 18-Jul-13 21:07:29

What sort of safe?

attheendoftheday Thu 18-Jul-13 21:06:19

We just kept an eye on ours from our camp chairs and gave chase if they went too far.

Ponyphysio Thu 18-Jul-13 15:30:47

We're recent converts to caravanning and have been trying to think of ways we can allow our DS freedom to move about and play etc while making sure he's safe on sites. Obviously we wouldn't leave him unattended for a minute but we also don't want him to get frustrated by us holding him all the time. The only thing I can think of is to make a big pen from some windbreaks, anyone else got any ideas?

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