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Another Newbie request: help me get my gear together pls?

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LowLevelWhinging Mon 15-Jul-13 10:52:53

I'm trying to convince DP that camping will be BRILLIANT FUN! grin

We have a tent, bought because our 2 older boys are going with their grandfather next week. But I want to use it too!

DCs are 7,5 and 13mo.

I know there's a list, so I've got that.

What are the extras that make it easier if we're not used to roughing it?

Should I have got the footprint and carpet?

And how do you store it all?

And what pretty things can I get to glamp it up a bit? I'll make some bunting obviously wink

And why does the list say we need buckets?? Apart from night wees... <shudder>

dippingmytoeinagain Mon 15-Jul-13 18:36:22

I am fairly new to camping - got 4 trips under my belt this year and am quite addicted already.

I haven't yet invested in a footprint or carpet, but think I will get a carpet at some point - I did after the first trip get a doormat for just inside the tent as I quickly got irritated at the wet footprints that kept appearing smile . Maybe see how you like it before investing in carpets etc...

I keep my tent inside the house, tucked under a bed. The poles, mallet and pegs are in the same bag so I don't forget them. I could keep it in the garage but that could be a bit too spidery for my liking...I have the self inflated mattresses under the same bed (unrolled) and all of my kitchen items and torches are in a collapsible crate in the garage, so that when I am unpacked, the crates can be folded up if necessary in the back of the car.

Bedding I transport in big laundry style bags as these are lightweight and flatten to nothing once they are empty.

I don't have a bucket but should possible swop the washing up bowl for a bucket - easier to carry to and from the washing up point I guess...

Other things - I take hot water bottles to make sure beds are snug and warm (maybe not in this sort of weather but when I went in June it got pretty chilly at night!) and I do a flask of hot water at night for the first cuppa of the morning brew

We all love a full breakfast but to stave off the cries of near starvation from the DCs I indulge them by buying some variety packs of cereal, which they can eat at whatever ungodly hour they wake and then have the cooked breakfast at a more reasonable hour.

If going for the weekend without electric hookup, I freeze stuff in advance which slowly thaws in a coolbox.

I also got the DCs their own torches because they love having their own to use at night and it means my nice expensive one is safe from them

That's all I can think of right now but I am sure lots more people will come along with ideas!

Have fun!

LowLevelWhinging Mon 15-Jul-13 19:29:57

that's really helpful, thank you tipping! I'm taking notes.

are the self-inflating matts 1) comfier than normal inflatable beds and 2) bulkier?

dippingmytoeinagain Mon 15-Jul-13 22:07:14

I think different people have different ideas about the self inflating mats (SIMs) - I have slept on traditional airbeds and more recently, SIMS and find the SIMS as comfy as an airbed, if not more so...I also very much appreciate not having to spend however long it takes to blow them up - just unroll the mat, undo the valve and chuck them in the tent to expand while you open the wine put the kettle on smile

I suppose they might take up a bit more space to transport but not massively so - especially as you don't need to carry a pump either.

They are also supposed to be warmer to sleep on than an airbed as there isn't the great big pocket of trapped air underneath you to go cold.

I got the ones from Aldi which cost £13 each. Perfect for the kids and suiting me so far too.

I found various threads on here which were helpful, but for me, the deal maker was the time saved in the inflation, especially as I am the only adult, therefore doing just about everything else there is to do when we arrive!

I also chucked away the stuff sacks that they came in as I would probably never get them rolled up that small ever again!

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