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Camping - can Mummypigsfattummy and Shiraz come too?

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Snoopytwist Thu 11-Jul-13 16:49:42

Am off camping for a week. Fancy a bit of mild glamping, but don't have any money. Alas, do not have bell tent, as ours was bought in about 1805, but do have an old rug and some jam jars.

Am taking DH and 2 DCs with me. Have not yet told DC's that they will need to be all wild and frolicky and laugh happily at tadpoles in the stream, and will not be packing electronic games of any kind (hyperventilates).

Have scanned the camping threads and have come to the inevitable conclusion that the only way I am going to survive is if Mummypigsfattummy and Shiraz come as well - Mummypig because she is the guru of all things camping and therefore is my god. Shiraz because she has introduced the idea of a tea light chandelier which, although out of budget, has turned my world upside down.

I will understand if you choose to decline my offer (I would too), but I salute you and your services to mumsnet campers everywhere. I'm going now - I may be gone for some time...

MummyPigsFatTummy Sun 14-Jul-13 21:35:12

Tee hee Snoopy grin I twould love to be a guru of anything but I think DH would argue if I am a guru, it is the guru of taking too much crap camping!

I love the image of wild and frolicky children laughing at tadpoles - those are the sort of children I would like - the sort that exist only in soft focus and don't beg to sit in the car watching Peppa on the DVD player while the tadpoles grow into frogs unobserved.

I would LOVE to come camping with you by the way. We didn't get to go this weekend and can't for the next two weekends either - what a waste of such beautiful weather. Hope you have a wonderful time even without the life-changing tea light chandelier (I do agree with this description by the way).

shirazplease Sun 14-Jul-13 22:04:48

<packs roofbox> Where we off to? grin

Although, cannot take full credit for tealight chandelier, they do actually sell them on the Belltent website.

But what an honour! Thanks v much blush

Snoopytwist Mon 15-Jul-13 09:43:06

Hurray! We're off to Cornwall, to a lovely that campsite which (get this), when booking, asks your preferences for a morning sun, afternoon sun or evening sun pitch grin. They also positively encourage bunting! Am a bit concerned about letting the side down, so any hints about how to glamp up my tent without spending much anything would be massively appreciated.

Have decided that my 2 DC's might struggle to get into the whole "swallows and amazons" thing that I see in my head, so I might leave them in the car for the week and rent two better children who are frolicky and wholesome and don't whine about going to the bloody arcades.

shirazplease Mon 15-Jul-13 11:45:11

I'd have a little look around your home to see what you can find to glamp up your tent. Throws, cushions, rugs, doormat........

Have a fantastic time, bet your kids will enjoy it more than you think xx

MummyPigsFatTummy Mon 15-Jul-13 16:09:25

Are these the sort of frolicky and wholesome children you yearn for, Snoopytwist?

Disappointing lack of the tutu-and-wellies-with-wildflowers look but otherwise, this is how I imagine camping with children should look. The reality is more AngryBirds-and-haribo sadly.

Snoopytwist Mon 15-Jul-13 16:57:23

Well, I agree with you about the lack of tutu's - and they call themselves a glamping website >sniff<

You know, those are the sort of children I thought I wanted... but actually, I think they would really get on my nerves. I'd feel I'd have to start being equally as wholesome and earthy and even start indulging in a bit of loud parenting >shudder<

Nope, can't live up to this image. Changed my mind - I'm going to go for the more "downmarket" image - a ragged, dirty, snotty, feral type of child - bit like this

I fear I may be a glamping letdown - I do not even own anything by Cath Kidston. I am therefore going to invent a new style of camping for all glamping wannabe's who do not possess the right tent/accessories/bunting/children. Slumping. I am going slumping.

MummyPigsFatTummy Mon 15-Jul-13 17:02:08

grin Snoopytwist - I love it. Slumping. You are a genius. My campfire fat miner look would fit right in too. As for your feral child picture, that is almost exactly how DD looks at the end of a weekend camping (if not the beginning blush).

Sod the tutus and wildflowers - I will join you on your next slump (if invited obv grin) - or does my chandelier and soon-to-arrive bell tent table rule me out sad?

needtoleaveukforsunshine Mon 15-Jul-13 18:23:50

cant be bothered to change my name - although clearly i should - not for any secretive reasons - just because i don't need to leave uk for sunshine.

Ok - back to the point of my message - Snoopy - your holiday campsite sounds luverly - could you please divulge the name - I like a little evening sun - and would appreciate being asked by a campsite. thanks

Snoopytwist Mon 15-Jul-13 20:58:48

Needtoleave, of course - the campsite is The Meadows near St Austell in cornwall. Haven't stayed there before, but it sounds just lovely and am very excited! . guess what else they do? You can hire a firepit and when you go out for the day, they will clean and re-lay it for you so that when you get back all tired from the beach (hopefully), your fire is all ready to go!! The camping equivalent of a chocolate on a hotel pillow!!

Mummypig - you are more than welcome to come slumping any time - your posh bell tent table (which looks amazing in the link on the other thread) will be allowed, but only if it is covered in cans of lager and local pizza delivery leaflets grin.

MummyPigsFatTummy Mon 15-Jul-13 22:09:48

Don't worry Snoopy - it will start the weekend on Friday evening with a vase of wildflowers picked by DD and a tea light hmm, but by Saturday morning it will be covered in fingerprints, ketchup stains and ground in Cheerios. The lager cans will win the day by Saturday lunchtime grin.

That campsite sounds fab btw - talk about service!

shirazplease Tue 16-Jul-13 06:54:59

I have an idea!

Exchange lager for pimms / gin in a tin!

SalomeD Tue 16-Jul-13 07:33:15

Shiraz: that sounds like a cunning plan!! wine

needtoleaveukforsunshine Mon 29-Jul-13 23:16:21

Hello snoopytwist. Are you back from your camping holiday? If so, was the campsite good? i looked it up and thinking of booking but a couple of reviews mention road noise and I just wanted to get an up to date review if you don;t mind. Hope you had good time.

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