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Grabbed some bargains today!

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jessicaandrebeccasmummy Sat 03-Jun-06 16:16:26

For a first time camper, we were in need of EVERYTHING! (other than tent - that arrived yesterday!)

Freecycle is FAB.... a guy dropped off a 2 burner and grill cooker with 2 gas cylinders, a set of camping saucepans and a picnic hamper with plastic cups plates and cutlery in it..... how pleased am I!

Then went in to town....

woolworths - plastic backed picnic rug £4.99

poundland - hanging storage thingy, 2 pop-up hanging laundry basket type things but with shelves, pop up 3 section laundry basket, set of 2 hanging parasol lights and a set of battery operated touch lights - total £6!!!

Wilkinsons - 2 battery camping lanterns £2.99 each!

Had a GREAT day and saved SO much money!

Blandmum Sat 03-Jun-06 18:53:28

last year I got 4 cups, bowls plates forks knives and spoons and a bag to put them in for 2.99 in asdas

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Sat 03-Jun-06 23:14:07

i got those too! Good job really coz Jess has broke one of the plates that was given to us today!!!

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