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Pretty tent accessories thread

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Blu Sun 16-Jun-13 22:53:27

Oooh, I love those IKEA solar powered lights.

I'm getting some of those.

NonnyMuss Sun 16-Jun-13 21:47:56

We have these coloured Ikea solar lights around the door of the tent.

Our tent often has that shanty town look as well Blu, hence my favourite camping pics in my profile being taken after dark grin

Blu Sun 16-Jun-13 21:14:22

We buy glo-sticks from the 99p shop and put them round the guy ropes - as much for safety as anything.

That is pretty much the extent of our nod to glamping, our camp more often looks as if we have fled a disaster.

I have some bunting, but am afraid to admit that it has an ungracious passive aggressive purpose, which deliniates the bit around our tents that says 'great packs of children in flowery wellies and with bow and arrows, this is our living and dining room, not your racetrack' blush

shirazplease Sun 16-Jun-13 18:56:55

A friend bought me solar lights called 'blingstring' they work really well. Good decent light. They have them on amazon

Can't really help with picnic sets. We have an overpriced beautiful wicker basket from John Lewis

SilverSixpence Sun 16-Jun-13 18:12:42

Reviving this thread to ask if any of you have good solar lights you recommend? Also where's good for nice but cheap picnic sets?

Ineedmorepatience Thu 13-Jun-13 21:11:46

We have some lovely stripey picnic blankets for the floor [primarni] and I have just made buntingsmile

Dd2 would have me putting up fairy lights but I am afraid I draw the line at packing fairy lights for a camping trip grin

FannyBazaar Thu 13-Jun-13 21:07:41

I have bunting (scraps of silk lining fabric), solar fairy lights, battery tea lights, flimsy cotton sarongs as table cloths (for the folding cool box seat), satin cushion covers (with inflatable cushions or stuffed with clothes) and a folding vase. Absolutely no car, tiny tent, Mary Poppins packwink.

I put the SIMs on top of each other during the day (if we are likely to be in the tent or have guests) turn my sleeping bag inside out, it has a cotton inner and put the mats and DS's sleeping bag in there to make a mini sofa, drape with fleece blanket/sarong and cushions full of clothes! Fleece blanket or tiny picnic blanket on the floor.

shirazplease Thu 13-Jun-13 19:26:05

I've got a pretty doormat, chandelier (battery tea lights) bunting, tablecloth and solar fairy lights for prettiness. Oh and massively impractical plump white bedding.

All of the above are v flat (apart from the 14tog feather duvet!) and take up no room. Even DH loves it all now.

I could never camp any other way now. It's like choosing between staying at the Ritz or a Travelodge. No brainer!

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 13-Jun-13 15:25:18

Tiny little flat-packed glampy touches is definitely the way to go when you have a huge Zafira smallish car. Bunting is a good start though as quite squishable.

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 13-Jun-13 15:23:08

Sadly no Silver. I did buy a collapsible vase from ALDI though which i use to put the flowers DD picks for me on camping trips (not that they often have stalks long enough to reach the water sadly). It attracted some sneers impressed comments from our camping friends, and that will fit anywhere.

SilverSixpence Thu 13-Jun-13 15:09:12

That made me chuckle Mummypig! I. Can imagine that exact scenario in our household too. Our car is tiny but the pop up tent isn't too big. Also packing table and chairs, gas stove, gas bottle, 5x sleeping bags and mats plus food and cooking stuff.

Hm it's not looking good is it

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 13-Jun-13 14:54:37

Just to be clear, it is not me or DH who is the pretty stuff or the crap, but my glampy stuff.

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 13-Jun-13 14:53:04

I am rubbish at this. I have bright-coloured cushions, IKEA stripey rugs, solar powered fairy lights, fleece throws, bunting, hurricane lanterns, lanterns to hang on shepherd's crooks etc etc. All to make the bell tent look pretty. Whenever we pack to go away, the tent, tables, chairs, coolbox, duvet etc take up so much space in the car the pretty stuff (me) or 'crap' (DH) has to stay at home sad. So the bell tent always looks bare and sad.

To be fair, DH did buy me some LED fairy lights for the next trip so things may be looking up.

I am very impressed with your bunting-making. I bought some material about 4 years ago and printed off a template triangle of the right size, but sadly that was as far as my enthusiasm took me.

I LUUUUURVE looking at photos of other people's glampy tents though. THis book is on my wishlist:, although I will never ever get round to making anything in it.

SilverSixpence Thu 13-Jun-13 14:44:14

I see you lot are more utilitarian campers grin

I'm digging out my Rice melamine and a nice tablecloth and am going to make some bunting

SilverSixpence Wed 12-Jun-13 22:35:04

I can't have a bell tent (yet) but I can make my Quechua living area pretty! can you please tell me what you are all doing to make your tents nice? I'm thinking nice rugs, lighting, furniture etc. With links where possible smile

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