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Blacks of greenock Solace bell tent

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Switchedtoeatingbutter Tue 11-Jun-13 16:14:26

Hi, I know many of you are bell tent fans. I want one. I have been looking at these ones by blacks of greenock.
I like the fact they are assembled in Scotland (not sure how much is done in scotland tbh) and that Blacks have a good name and have been making scout tents for a one time and are pretty well respected.
However I can't find any reviews of their bell tents anywhere.

They seem to have a 'clipped' in groundsheet system and there is not many photos of it. It also comes with an inner bit, unlike the other many suppliers.

Has anyone got one or seen it in the flesh?

MummyPigsFatTummy Tue 11-Jun-13 16:24:33

I haven't got one but they do look good on the website. It does look as if the inner tent/tents (there seem to be 2 - quarter sized?) may be black. Perhaps this is just the way the photo is but if a black inner doesn't appeal it might be worth checking that out first.

The canvas is heavier quality than the OPbelink/Bell tent/Soulpad versions. They are 285 gsm whereas this one is 320gsm. This makes the tent a bit heavier but also possibly better quality.

Sorry not to add anyhting more useful.

Switchedtoeatingbutter Tue 11-Jun-13 16:44:09

I spoke to someone at Blacks and they sent me some more photos, I've added the one of the groundsheet to my profile.

It looks like the groundsheet isn't pegged down, the bottom of the tent tucks under and the ground sheet clips on top. I have no idea if this is a better/worse/no different from the pegged in, or zipped in.

Theres a 5m one on ebay(new) for £469, which is a bit cheaper than bell tent/soulpad and as you so mummypig the canvas is a bit thicker, and you get the inner with it (unlike bell tent/soulpad).

But I don't want to get it and realised the groundsheet is rubbish as its a lot of money to buy the worng thing.

Also the bags of the blacks tent look really small, it could be just the photo but as I have four kids plus every camping thing known to man to fit in the car a smaller packsize would make a difference.

I think i have developed an unhealthy tent obession. I am supposed to be doing work right now blush

tcmc10 Mon 24-Mar-14 08:27:46

Hi just wondering if you bought the solace bell tent and what you think of it?

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