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Phew! I'm shattered, but I've done it ...

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roisin Sun 28-May-06 17:39:34

We're hoping to find a pitch with a space on Tuesday for a couple of days, but haven't yet had our new tent up, and didn't want to do it with an audience for the first time!

Dh was busy, so I tackled it on my own just with ds2's help. I'm quite proud of myself
It did take ages, but should be loads quicker next time. We put it up completely and packed it all away again! Now we're ready to face the word.

.. but I'm exhausted

ScummyMummy Sun 28-May-06 17:42:10

Well done, roisin. Hope the camping is fun.

Blandmum Sun 28-May-06 17:45:44

Fantastic! Good on you.....hope that you find somehere nice.

roisin Sun 28-May-06 20:09:13

I thought you'd have gone already MB.
I've got my list so am starting to get organised.

The weather's been lovely today though, so I'm a bit worried everywhere will be jam-packed.

Blandmum Sun 28-May-06 20:13:51

Monday, but I am so anal the packing is done!

Got the lamps out today.....gosh but I am getting excited

Forcast doesn't look too bad. Fingers crossed!

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