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Has anyone got the Gelert pod XL sleeping bag?

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nobodysfool Sun 09-Jun-13 22:00:32

Although I'm only short I find sleeping bags very claustraphobic and have seen the Gelert pod XL. It is a season 3. I get very cold at night - even when it's not that cold so are these very warm or would I be better going for a season 3-4?

hillbilly Mon 10-Jun-13 07:04:09

Yes DH and I both have them. They are super roomy and I find it very warm. We take an extra blanket anyway though. I would prefer a cotton inner but aside from that it's the best sleeping bag I've used.

nobodysfool Mon 10-Jun-13 11:29:58

Thanks Hillbilly. They look fab just hate being cold and some of the reviews I read said they were chilly in them???

hillbilly Mon 10-Jun-13 12:38:21

I had beter add that I don't get cold easily. DH does, but then he sleeps with many layers while camping grin

nobodysfool Mon 10-Jun-13 17:25:16

Ah ok thanks Hillbilly smile

Picturepuncture Mon 10-Jun-13 17:26:50

It is wonderful. I love love love it. I got the warmest one I could find (3-4 season I think) and it has revolutionised my sleep when camping. Do it!

Pimpf Mon 10-Jun-13 22:12:44

I bought these for the children, they're not very long and don't seem that warm to me but they've never complained (though they also have a couple of blankets!)

Pimpf Mon 10-Jun-13 22:13:02

I am also looking at getting new bags for them!

nobodysfool Mon 10-Jun-13 22:50:39

After much umming and aahhing I have decided against the pod as I have found and ordered vango dormir grande bag which is a season 3-4 and is the same width as the pod smile (110cm)

Picturepuncture Tue 11-Jun-13 10:28:49

(I'm 5ft 7 and it's plenty long enough for me)

hillbilly Tue 11-Jun-13 10:29:30

Keep me posted nobodysfool, because I like the sound of the cotton mix inner and I am always after the ultimate sleeping bag grin

nobodysfool Wed 12-Jun-13 23:36:18

Hillbilly- the vango donor grande bags are the bees knees . Really wide and sooo worth the money. I found a seller in eBay that does them in pairs much cheaper than anywhere else. I'm so impressed with the quality I have ordered the kids the next size down. grin

hillbilly Thu 13-Jun-13 13:19:35

How does the inner feel? Is it like cotton?

nobodysfool Fri 14-Jun-13 12:10:52

I dont think its cotton ( could be wrong) but it has a brushed cotton feel and not slippery shiny like some.

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